Reader Request - Maternity Wear

Greetings Fashion Divas,

I have a reader request to share with you all from longtime Fashion Pad reader Akeisha:


I am 6 months pregnant with my first child and it’s a girl…Yaay…which means a baby shower and maternity pics are coming up very soon. I know most pregnant women suggest a maxi dress the only problem is I only own one that has turned into a house dress and plus my baby is between January and February which means it could be cold and most stores won’t sell them around this time. I am open to wearing pants such as legging and maternity pants but I would like to wear something that’s appropriate for the weather and where I can be comfortable but as of right now I am stumped on what I to look for and even where to go because I know plus sized maternity is expensive and very hard to find….please help me find a perfect outfit for my baby shower and maternity pics.
Oh and the shower will be coed
First and foremost, CONGRATULATIONS!!!! How exciting doll! I hope these inspirational sets below will give you various options for your baby shower and maternity pics. Let's get to it shall we?
For a relaxed, yet stylish maternity style, try a flowy tank that will completely cover your belly with stretch faux leggings. Adding a blazer and statement necklace will elevate this look and give it some polish. The boots with the 1 1/2 inch heel will be comfy and chic.
So, who says pregnant women can't wear skater dresses??? Rock this style with a thin belt (worn over the top of your belly). The nerd glasses and knit hat are optional, modern style accents. Add tights or leggings for the winter season and a wool coat would be the last, essential addition for a warm and fabulous outfit.
A maxi skirt is an affordable option for your wardrobe that can be worn whether you're pregnant or not. A chunky, cropped sweater worn over an extended tank would complement the skirt well. For a personal style touch, add a printed handbag such as the one above and kitten heels. However, flat embellished sandals would also look chic!
If you get to the point where comfort is your TOP priority, choose a stylish sweater and add a scarf worn with maternity leggings. I chose the strappy boots as a complement if your calves are a little larger than usual. You can loosen the straps for more comfort. A moto jacket and studded purse make this look edgy.
The above set is really prim and proper with the structured blazer and classic white button down top. However, the funky statement necklace and chic clutch will give it a fun look. The maternity jeans and flat boots (with strap for tightening/loosening) will be comfortable additions.
Well Akeisha, I hope these options give you some inspiration for your look. Please let me know if you would like additional looks to consider. Thanks for being such a loyal reader of Fashion Pad Blog!!!


Arr said…
I think pregnant women look great in A-lined dresses and empire waist type tops or dresses. Congratulations!
Akeisha Wright said…
I'm love them all...I live in florida and that skater dress would be great look You've outdone youself thanks so much. I like maxi dresses but I think for pregnant women there's so many options and it's my first baby so I'm going out on that so thanks so much I love blazers and was glad you gave those as options and I can use these after I have Venuti as well....thank you I will be sure to send pics
Anonymous said…
Nice! You make me want to get pregnant again just to get into these outfits! Great post!
Unknown said…
I adore everything...!! Great stuffs