Outfit: Forrest Green Shift and Nude Pumps

Greetings Fashion Mavens,

On Sunday, when I woke up, I immediately realized I was going to be super late for church. I literally had 30 minutes to get up, shower, dress, and get there before service began. Needless to say, I was 20 minutes late :-( But I'm so glad I forged ahead. My pastor is working on a series for Advent Season titled 'This Christmas' and the first sermon was "Our Message", then it was "Our Mission", and this past Sunday's sermon was titled "Our Meaning". The text was Isaiah 9:1-7. The pastor spoke on recent events in the news and wove the message in a way that was easy to understand and very relatable to the present times.

With everything that's going in our world, just remember the true meaning of 'This Christmas' is Jesus. You have to have a 'nevertheless' attitude about every situation you face. You have to ask yourself "Is it Over?". Keep reminding yourself that as long as you have breath in your body, it ain't over. Thank the good Lord he gives us a chance to start over and find another way!

I decided to finally wear this dress I recently purchased. I was nervous about the material. Honestly, it's a little 'cheap' looking and it's stretchy. I really try to dress like a chic, modern, elderly woman for church. I'm super conservative.....not trying to put on a fa├žade or anything (we all know I love my bodycons) but my focus should be on the Word and not how I'm looking.

The skirt portion slightly pulls across my thighs in an unflattering way when I'm walking. I definitely don't like that but, short of loosing 15 lbs from thighs, butt, and hip.....it's not going to change much.

This dress was scooped up super quick because it has pockets! Yaaaaayyyyy!!!
BTW, I'm loving my new heels..........which is what I say about every new pair of shoes!!! SMH

Necklace - Forever 21 (old)
Dress/Belt - Ross (only $12.99)
Handbag - Zara (old)
Heels - Shoedazzle.com



JustPorsh said…
Gorgeous dress!
Unique color too. Love!
Style4Curves said…
I love forest green it's so hard to find cute pieces in that color for me!! Cute look!!! Safari chic!
Unknown said…
I love the dress and you look great in it!
OMG! Those shoes are in my SD shopping cart right now! LOL! They are so fab! They look great with that green dress!
Sweenee Style said…
Very Classy look on you girlie!! Love it!
Anonymous said…
Girl you look so chic ! love the green dress :) Doll i am following you on insta, bloglovin and Facebook. please follow back dear :) xx
Vhutali said…
beautiful. the colour is lovely even though its unexpected. love the pockets
YoyosFashions said…
Very nice!! Live those heels!!
LA Lynn's said…
U look stunning & those shoesssss!!!! Yassss ma'am! Lol
Anonymous said…
I think the dress is very flattering and the shoes are great! But the best part of this post is you sharing the message! I needed that! Have a good day!
Unknown said…
Wow! What can I say? ... intimidates me!
Such an elegant look!!...........<3 <3

I share this wonderful post with pleasure!!!

Unknown said…
Ok how in the world did I miss this outfit, especially with those shoes!!!! Love It!!

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