Outfit: Black, White, and Plaid

Greetings Fashionistas,

Hey, hey, hey, it's Friiiidaaayyy!!!! Time to get this weekend started :-) What do you folks have planned? I'm on call so I have to work but I do plan to be done before 12pm both Saturday and Sunday, lol. My evenings are going to be spent catching up with some new restaurants I spotted round the city.....I know.....just greedy. But hey, there's an upside to that as well. I get to be overdressed and rock my clothes.....and new shoes *tee hee hee*.

This look below was worn last Saturday as I forced the bf to hit the shopping scene with me. Poor thing. But he knew what he was getting into! I'm as agressive in the stores as I am online with going after what I want and  refusing to linger a second longer. Sometimes, it's kind of good to be impatient, lol.

My shirt received a lot of love that day. I think it's awesome and honestly, keeping the word so vividly on display really keeps you grounded. I need about 50 more of these tshirts.......

The black and white worked out well with the plaid body con I just received. It was slightly big around my waist but these hips and butt made it work. SMH. The combination was quite different for me but I think it turned out to be pretty stylish if I say so myself ;-) Don't say nothing if you don't agree.....I'm the only hater allowed on this site, LOL

I promise you my hair looked waayyyy better in person. Anyhew, I know I'm always preaching about cutting off the line of the leg with ankle-strap shoe if you're a shorty like me, however, in this case, having a less bulky shoe helped prevent me from looking too stumpy. Edgy accessories finished off my look.

T-Shirt - Street vendor
Cuff - Hot Topics
Bracelet/Ring - Forever 21
Skirt - Boohoo.com
Handbag - Saks Fifth Avenue (old)
Heels - Jeffrey Campbell via Nastygal.com
Remember to be safe, keep calm, and ALWAYS pray! Have a good weekend!!!!



Unknown said…
Great outfit and that top is my favorite. Also adoring your skirt. I need to find something similar soon. Great heels too!
oomph. said…
aw, love the tee! i think it is perfectly matches with your skirt. i love wearing my graphic tees with my pencil skirts.

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Unknown said…
i love this outfit and that tee shirt is every thing.

Style4Curves said…
Black, white, and plaid look amazing!!! Great look!
Unknown said…
LOVE this shirt and the skirt. Long time no see you are still looking great!!

Charity said…
Sounds like you had a lovely weekend! Great outfit! love the top. :)
YoyosFashions said…
Great outfit!! Loving the skirt!!
M + K said…
haha we agree!! We always going shopping with an objective or priority! We can't stand it when people take ages to try on one top!

Anonymous said…
Girl you look Amazing !! love your skirt and your top its so pretty ! love it !!! Would you like to follow each other dear :) xx
Unknown said…
this outfit of yours and another one i saw has me wanting to do the "graphic tee & skirt" thing. let me search my closet and see what i can come up with.

so happy to have made your acquaintance via Instagram...i'm loving your blog and your style!
LA Lynn's said…
Hunnish... That skirt was made just for you & I love how you are rocking the tee with it! So chic...
I need that shirt in my life!!!
Unknown said…
You look fantabulous!!
Oh my goodness, your dress is absolutely divine.....:)
Hugs and kisses <3 <3

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