Outfit: Top Hat and Winter Floral Blazer

Greetings Fashionistas,

Yaaaayyy, it's Friday! Hello weekend. I plan to run rampant and completely enjoy my days off. I'm treating all weekends as if they're mini vacations. My bf and friends are going to suffer tremendously, lol. Anyhew I do have quite a few plans. Anyone going to see Thor tonight? I'm an action movie aficionado so I will definitely have my face in the place. On Saturday I'm going to a baby shower and then shopping.....but I am leaving my credit card home so I can stay focused and on budget, lol. We'll see how that works, I'm really creative during times of shopping deprivation ;-)

Sooooo.......I bought a cute little hat from a street vendor last month and I couldn't wait to wear it!!! At first I was going to rock it at this fashion event coming up in the next few weeks but then I was like....whatever, I'm  wearing this to church!

I wore the hat low because the attached netting was sticking straight up. But it's so cute and I love it!

I lost quite a few beads off this necklace. Not sure what's going on but this sucker is spontaneously deteriorating! SMH On another note, The floral print on this blazer is so live!

Hat/Rings - Street Vendor
Necklace/Blazer - Forever 21
Top - Random store
Skirt - Nordstrom
Clutch - Forever 21
Heels - Gift

Have a safe and wonderful weekend!



Candyce Nicole said…
Adorable hat!! I'm loving this outfit!
Guyanese Sista said…
Really loving that blazer!
Guyanese Sista said…
Really loving that blazer!
Carrymel said…
Love the skirt!