Outfit: Nerd Glasses and Neon Accents

Greetings Fashion Mavens,

Let me start by saying that this grown-up stuff is for the birds!!! Adulthood can really suck at times! Between bills, work, kids (including nephews/nieces), church, community service, business endeavors, family, friends, and your significant other.....when does my body have time to relax, or when is my brain able to shut down one half for rejuvenation? You know I was never one of those kids or teenagers that couldn't wait to get older. I was perfectly fine allowing the natural growth and maturation process to develop as it should. But I guess I should have prepped myself mentally for the challenges that we face as 'grown' folk. Hold up, scratch that, my Christian upbringing did give me the tools I need, but I had either neglected them at different points in my life or was a little confused at how to operate them, lol. Needless to say, this has been a rainy season for me....but trust, I know the storm doesn't last always. As my bff would say "Put on your big girl panties". In other words, suck it up, step up to the plate, and be a persevering woman (at least that's how I'm going to interpret that :0)

Let's shift gears and talk about one of the grown up things I actually do love.....shopping! I bought a few things over the last week and their arrival has put that 100-watt smile on my face below, lol.

Date night with the bf consisted of a casual social event. I am usually very conservative when I am around people I do not know, but I allowed myself to just relax and enjoy the crowd and entertainment and it was a good decision.

These retro nerd glasses are my new favorite accessory. How awesome are they? I guess, in retrospect, I should have shot a close-up but you can take a good look here if you're interested.

The neon zippers on this top are such an unexpected, chic addition.

Oh yeah.........say hello to my new strappy heels! Hey boo hey!!!!

Glasses - ShopFlyJane.com
Accessories/Top - Forever 21
Jeans - Macy's
Handbag - Alexander Wang 'Rocco'
Heels - GoJane.com



Sweenee Style said…
AWHHH, Now don't you look cute! Love the everything.
Unknown said…
You look all slim and fab... I love the neon accents in the shirt.

And yes hunnie, I know all about the exhaust of adulthood. Thank GOD we know where our help comes from!
Law_Fal said…
Cute outfit! And you're right, this grown stuff is not the business.
LA Lynn's said…
Comfy & Cute and those heels are giving me LIFE!!!!!

Unknown said…
Ok I am trying to play catch up here, I see I have missed several post(boy I gotta keep up)!!

You look too cute, I love everything about this look, especially those glasses!!!

Gurl, I feel you on having to put on those big gurl panties, you don't want to sometimes because you think dang life shouldn't be this hard, but even during the rainy season God is there helping us to put on those big gurl panties and stand strong!!

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