Outfit: Denim Top and Mini Trumpet Skirt

Greetings Fashion Divas,

It's my Friday and I'm trying not to spontaneously combust with excitement, lol. My family is coming in town for my alma mater's Classic (I'm a proud FAMU alumni). It's so many events happening this weekend so I have got to work on my 'looks' tonight. My bffs will be in town as well so, in order to take it all in, I just won't sleep, lol.

Okay, please tell me why little kids insist on pushing any button in sight? My friend's son totally erased about 10 photos from my camera. Like, what made his little butt grab my stuff anyways? Good grief! Anyways, I only have these two photos to share with you all. But you're really not missing much. Additionally, these photos include my previous hair style and it was a total fail!

.....Olive Oil ponytail *tee hee hee*. I decided after I took these pics that I didn't like this skirt so I changed my bottoms.....no picture retakes, however they probably would have been deleted by the tiny tot! SMH

 Earrings - Gifted
Necklace - Vintage
Top - Forever 21 (old)
Skirt - Asos.com (old)
Clutch/Heels - Zara (old)



Law_Fal said…
have fun at the classic! gotta love the HBCU classic weekends!
Life's a shoe said…
great outfit! I love your shoes

Unknown said…
I really like this outfit. Those shoes please let me have them ;)
Unknown said…
You should do a compilation of all the various ways you've styled your denim and chambray shirt(s). I seriously did order some olive joggers from Love Culture the other day after seeing your OOTD. And here's another cute look!
xoxo Kellz* said…

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LA Lynn's said…
Love this look & that clutch is the business... Too funny about little kids yasssss... They love getting into stuff! Have a wonderful weekend!