Outfit: Tuxedo Vest, Skinnies, and Statement Necklace

Greetings Fashion Mavens,

I was "turned down" this weekend after experiencing a rather pricey trip to NY. Man, I did not plan this little trip well so I was forced to reluctantly ball outta control....and I'm still reeling from the aftereffects!!! My bf tells me to be thankful that I was able to do it and support my friend and colleague (went to his daughter's wedding). Of course you know I had to cut my eyes at him real hard....but alas, he's right. It's amazing how we don't blink an eyelash when our money goes towards things we subconsciously place as our top priority (i.e. hair, makeup, clothes, technology, etc.) but we complain about everything else (i.e. car troubles, house repairs, bills, etc.). HEL-LO! I'm obviously preaching to the choir here! Let's get it together folks! I'll make a pledge to do better...I encourage those of you like me to take the same pledge. I know I gotta get my life!!!

Moving right along......I've posted a date night number below....although I took pictures during the day.

I was really feeling this necklace. I actually built a simple outfit around this extraordinary piece. I'm in love with tribal inspired pieces.

The bf loves when I dress 'in simple outfits' so this little combo made him happy. He definitely appreciates my personal style but he prefers my 'effortlessly chic' style the best. Guys.....why must they douse cold water on us fashion divas??? However, he loves my shoe game so I'll let this infarction slide for a while :-)

Sidebar: These jeans were gripping the heck out of my thighs. I felt quite violated!

....although my eyes were closed, I still liked this pic, LOL.

Necklace - Burlington Coat Factory
Vest/Jeans - Forever 21 (old/new)
Tank - Nordstrom (old)
Bracelet - Vintage
Clutch - Aldo (old)
Heels - Sam Edelman 'Lorissa' (old)



Vhutali said…
Sexy. You look lovely
Law_Fal said…
Love the necklace!
Unknown said…
Very cute look, I am loving the necklace and of course the shoes!!!

Carsedra McKoy:
Style4Curves said…
Simple and chic. My Hubby is the same way and the older I get the more I buy basics and hot accessories to play them up instead of my early 20s all club errthing gear lolll. Love this!
U Better Work! said…
Love those heels! :)
U Better Work! said…
Love those heels!
Cute!! The jeans fit perfectly girl! Definitely rockin' it!!

xo, Kenya

Sweenee Style said…
very well put together! Cute! Give me those shoes!
Cheptoo Cece said…
How many shoes do you have?? am in love with your style...lovely.