Outfit: Spiked Denim Vest and LBD

Greetings Fashion Mavens,

I still haven't been able to get my life together. The previous statement is referring completely to my lack of organization and decreased motivational drive. What gives? Okay.......I hear ya God, let me fall back and stop trying to do things my way. Isn't it amazing how we receive revelations from the Lord? I mean, I'm typing a complaint in this blog post and #BAM.....crystal clear understanding. I LOVE the Lord!!!

It may take me a little while but eventually I get it ;-) On Saturday, before I headed out to my gym's Halloween party, I ran a few errands. I had been wanting to wear this dress out for a while, but I did not think I would be comfortable in it (the dress really hugs every single curve, crater, and dimple). As a result, I decided to dress it down and make the overall look edgy.

Fake rock star style.........lol

I had to take these darn boots off as soon as I got back home because my feet felt suffocated! This heat is preventing me from advancing to my Fall wardrobe...........so unfair!

Hat - Target
Earrings - Street vendor
Vest - Forever 21 (old)
Bracelets/Cuff - Hot Topics
Dress - ShopAkira.com (old)
Handbag  - Saks 5th Avenue (old)
Boots - Urbanog.com



Sweenee Style said…
Girl, I like how you dressed down the dress with the boots, vest and hat. Very Cute. Now if you want this Fall weather we got in Indy, YOU CAN HAVE IT! ugh.. sick of this cold weather already and it just started. lol
Girl, I'm totally digging this look. You look so badass! The biker boots just really sold me on this entire look!

Vett Vandiver said…
this is a cute look and you're working it!