Outfit: The Power of Pink

Greetings Fashion Pad Readers,

Welcome back from the weekend! I had a very full weekend and it was full of exciting events and education empowerment. Overall, I had an enjoyable past few days and my favorite time occurred yesterday morning at church. The good Lord's message was from the book of 1 Samuel 16: 14-23. The message was "When Evil Comes to Power". The good Lord anointed my pastor!!!! My entire heart, mind, and soul was engaged today and I plan to use this message to propel myself through my current AND future trials and tribulations. I thank God for the message......per usual, it was right on time!

On Saturday, many of you know that I spoke at a breast cancer awareness symposium. I do not have any pictures....besides my quick Instagram uploads....because I forgot to ask someone to snap photos with my camera. Surely an unusual and rare lapse on my part. SMH Below are pics of what I wore to the event.

I promise this dress was pressed when I left the house.........

I was actually shopping for a pink dress to wear for the event and I just couldn't find what I wanted. Then I was looking in my closet for something else and I found this dress tucked in between two sweater dresses......how did it get there??? Anyways, I was saved from making yet another necessary purchase. I love wrap dresses and this color and length were appropriate for the event and for professional appearance.

The heels complemented the dress perfectly and I had several women trying to take them off my feet.......literally! LOL!

Earrings/Necklace - Forever 21
Dress - Zara
Rings - So So Jewelry
Heels - Valentino



Cheptoo Cece said…
The valentino heels are super HOT!!!, amazing.

Unknown said…
Love the dress!!! Awesome pick for your speaking engagment, girl!
Dre said…
I am loving your dress! And those shoes are fab!
xoxo Kellz* said…
haha sureeeeee u ironed it i believe u:)

Unknown said…
Simply stunning Shanequa. Also adoring your Valentino's!
So pretty! I love the shoes.

I LOVE this dress so much! So adorable and a fabulous color! You look great!

xo, Kenya

KC said…
Uhh.. you missed a picture! You can't wear a gorgeous pink dress such as this one and not TWIRL in it!

And those shoes.. words cannot explain how gorgeous they are. And how much I need them in my closet.
Law_Fal said…
You look amazing!!!!
Mrs. Pancakes said…
The dress is just gorgeous!! And the color and yeah for your speaking engagement. How exciting!
LA Lynn's said…
Simply adorable..loving the shoes!