Outfit: Denim on Denim and Animal Print

Greetings Fashion Divas,

Happy Halloween! I've already had my costume fun over the past weekend, so tonight I'm going to enjoy handing out candy to the little kiddies in the neighbor.....and the teens.....and checking out their little costumes. The teens almost always just have on face paint, LOL.

So apparently I was the victim of identity theft.....thank the good Lord I have protection on my accounts. But in the mean time, I have no debit or credit card so I am awaiting the arrivals of my cards. The bank was able to provide me with a temporary "ATM" card......which means I have no means to purchase any clothes...shoes...jewelry.....handbags, etc. online. Ohhhhh help me baby Geesuz!!! But seriously guys, on the blessed side of things, God was really looking out for me and I am not really going to complain about my spending hiatus. However, for those who prey on hardworking people....shame on you!!! Don't let me catch you in a dark alley....na'll, actually, I prefer the alley to be well lit....you need to see this butt whooping coming!

I begged my bf for his card when the Outnet.com had their secret Christian Louboutin sale and it was revealed that I was invited to it. And do you know what this young man said??? He said, and I quote, "Babe, I think you should take this 'no debit/credit card moment' as a time to truly adjust your spending habits. There will be other sales and other opportunities coming up." Can you believe that crap? I'm totally not speaking to him right now, lol. However, I will post pics of the outfit I wore to an early dinner a couple days ago.

I layered this look with 'warm weather' friendly pieces. No fall arrival for me yet.

I love leopard print anything....but when I rock it as an accessory, it feels like it can work with any outfit!

Not sure how the top half of this pic is blurred and the bottom isn't.....anyhew, this look afforded me some comfort while hopefully giving off an effortless style.

Nerd Glasses - Forever 21
Vest - DIY
Top - Nordstrom 
Necklace - Urban Outfitters
Cuff/Bangles - Forever 21 
Handbag - Furla
Heels - Random boutique



Sweenee Style said…
First off.. I'm sorry to hear about the identity theft! These people are crazy! Second, Love the outfit. I'm so mad that you are still wearing shorts and sleeveless tops! #jealous Third, Give me them shoes! :)
Unknown said…
Love this look, super cute (I need those shoes)!! LOL at the alley comment (yes they need to see the butt whooping they would get) and your boyfriend!!

Carsedra McKoy:
Law_Fal said…
Absolutely adore those shoes!!!!!
Unknown said…
I love this look. Super simple but chic. Those shoes are TDF!
Unknown said…
I'm so sick of losers preying on people who work hard. Let me get a couple of hits in when you find them in that well let alley!
KC said…
Hmmm... I'm thinking that the bf should have had a but whooping coming his way! Lol! Those cuffed shorts are perfect in length and make your legs look fabulous!
I absolutely NEED those shoes! Fab!

xo, Kenya