Outfit: Canary Yellow Blazer and Star-Spangled Skater Dress

Greetings Fashionistas,

It's Friday!!!!!!! My absolute, all time favorite, patiently waiting for, day of the week, lol. *insert Michael Jordan fist pump here*. This evening I'm headed to New York for a wedding and I'm just too excited! It's an Indian wedding and my friend told me I was the 498th guest, LMBO! I expect to be dazzled and you all know I'm snapping photos like they hired me as their personal photographer!!! Hot mess....I probably won't be invited back to any more events, lol.

Today I'm sharing one of my past weekend looks. To be honest with you all, I went absolutely no where in this outfit. Well, no where special....I went to the grocery store and then stopped at the bank then brought my behind back to the house. I felt like dressing up.....sue me!

The urge to dress up was due to this vibrant blazer. I realized I hadn't worn it in over a year! Shame on me! The color is even more bright up close :-)

Look.....my hair is natural.....and my edges would not cooperate. I do NOT want to hear it in the comments.......lol

This dress has tiny stars printed all over it. A cute little whimsical thing. Those earrings should have been removed but, in reality, I just didn't care.

Sidebar: My yard guy needs to get his butt out here and weed whack my sidewalk...my shoes are lost in this pic and I'm quite disturbed

Earrings/Necklace - Forever 21 (old)
Blazer/Dress - Zara (old)
Handbag - Forever 21 (old)
Heels - GoJane.com (new)

Have a safe and wonderful weekend!



Unknown said…
Very cute look, love the yellow blazer!!

Carsedra McKoy:
Unknown said…
Shanequa, the jacket was the perfect touch. Love, love, love that color. The shoes amazing!
Unknown said…
Cute! Love the yellow blazer with the black and white dress! Fabulous!

xo, Kenya

Vett Vandiver said…
love your bright jacket!!
Cheptoo Cece said…
one of my favorite outfits, and the blazer is sucha killer!!

Azaria said…
Do you have a youtube account. Love your style.