Outfit: Baseball Cap, Denim Top, and Printed Skirt

Greetings Fashion Friends,

Okay, I gotta share this funny story with you all. So yesterday, as I was leaving work, I accidentally stumbled into an older gentleman as he was exiting the elevator. I immediately apologized because low and behold I was running outta their like I stole something (I don't stay a minute over my 8 hours any longer....LOL). Anyhew, back to the story.....the old man looks me in the eye and says (and I quote) "The way you plowed into me brings back fond memories of my younger days". This was my response "O_O" I then began to laugh uncontrollably.....it was just so unexpected! I swear they need to create a show titled "Elderly People Say the Darndest Things", lol. I mean, I can't begin to tell you what a joy it is to just converse with my grandmother. She's hilarious!!! Anyhew, that 'young' man stole my heart and put a new pep in my step (I'm easily entertained.....ask my besties).

Because I've placed my debit/credit card on timeout, I have been raiding my closet lately........which feels so weird to me. But I vowed to wear at least 10 new pieces before I purchased anything else any more clothes (I already bought 3 new pairs of shoes....sue me). Below I've paired only old items together....nothing new, except the heels, but I've posted them before.

This baseball cap has made a lot of public appearances lately. I don't like my hair so I've been using scarves, hats, and 100+ brush strokes daily to sustain my sanity.

My feet look extra chunky in these heels. I hope it was due to the salt and vinegar chips I had before these pics or these heels will be 'gifted' away.....

I like the tribal print on this skirt but it has absolutely no shape. In each of these photos it looks slightly different....don't believe me? Check them out again, lol.

Baseball Cap - NYC
Earrings (hard to see) - Street vendor
Top/Skirt - Forever 21 (old)
Bracelets - Street vendor/gifted
Handbag - Saks Fifth Avenue (old)
Heels - GoJane.com



Style4Curves said…
Girl my debit card is on the same timeout!!! I'm trying to buy less clothes and get more wear out of the ones I already own. Cute look!!!
A Haute Mommy said…
Cute look and I like the layout.
Unknown said…
Ahhh, the hair struggle! lol.

I love the skirt!
Mrs. Pancakes said…
Iove the Idea of shopping your closet! I love older folks...so many stories doe sure!!
oomph. said…
so hard to find baseball caps that fit me well. i love it here with the skirt!

funny how life truly is a cycle. we start out as kids saying the darndest things....and eventually become elders that say the darndest things, lol!

I really love this skirt! Great colors! It's super cute!

xo, Kenya

LA Lynn's said…
This is such a cute & fun look!
Sweenee Style said…
Very Cute. Style Great! I need to put my dept card on timeout! I too have a problem. Betty White has a show with a group of old folks that cracks me up!