Vacay Style - Peach Chiffon and Peach Jean Shorts

Greetings Fashion Mavens,

I hope your Labor Day was fun and full of barbecue and desserts! I wouldn't want to be the only one working extra hard in the gym this week ;-) I hosted the festivities at my house this year and as you know, it was a lot of hard work. No rest for the weary. I told my family and friends to take as much food to go as they wanted. I didn't want to deal with the aftermath of cleaning up, lol. But anyways, I definitely enjoyed myself and plan to catch up on some much needed rest this evening....I hope.

Below is my final post for my vacation style. It was a chill day on board but I still wanted to go for a chic, modern and casual style.

I promise you I had on shorts..........

Peach glasses, peach top, peach jeans......feeling a little fruity!

Glasses/Top - Forever 21
Handbag - Nordstrom
Shorts - Urban Outfitters
Sandals - Via Spiga (old)



LA Lynn's said…
Lol at your statement: "I promise you I had on shorts" - no need to declare hunni you are looking fabulous with or without shorts! LMBO!!!!

I would LOVE to try and plan a mini vacay or meet-up one weekend! We are not too many miles away! Lets promise to make that happen! :-)

Unknown said…
You look super cute, I love those glasses!!!!

Carsedra McKoy:
Arr said…
I love cruises. They are so relaxing and carefree... umm hmm the shorts. :)