Outfit:Colorblock and Cutouts

Greetings Fashion Pad Readers,

Happy Monday! I hope you all enjoyed your weekend. I'm getting ready for another hectic weekend ahead of me but regardless, I took the time to enjoy my few days off. I went shopping and I came to a startlingly conclusion.....I have absolutely no patience! I must correct this immediately. I walked into stores, saw something I liked but when I had to wait in line....I politely put it back. I know that's ridiculous. My bf was so annoyed with me, lol. My poor nephew on the other hand was quite used to it. I told him at least he didn't have to be one of the men in the mall who sit down holding tons of shopping bags while their wives/ladies stayed in stores for hours.....I'm just saying!

A little cutout never hurt nobody.......
This dress was an unbelievable steal. Originally I was getting it for my niece until I saw the cutouts. My brother would kill me if I bought that for her, lol. So there....that's my excuse for making yet another purchase ;-)

I love this picture because my calf is fierce! LOL!

Earrings/Rings - Forever 21
Dress - Macy's
Handbag - Cole Haan (old)
Heels - Jeffrey Campbell



Unknown said…
LOL. Seriously, I do the same thing if there is a long line! She is not waiting just to spend her money, no ma'ma!

Great dress girlie.
Unknown said…
love your dress! is so cool!!

I have a new post, where you can ask me questions, anything that you like! I would love if you write here TheFrenchFries your question :D

Unknown said…
Very cute, I love those shoes!!

Carsedra McKoy:
Kaika said…
Love the jeffrey shoes <3
and this outfit is just beatiful like you

new outfit on
You look perfect, you do, but those heels are awesome, so sexy, so so sexy.
Arr said…
Very cute dress. Perfect for FL weather. I think you should do a few posts on your shoes and your closetS.