Vacay Style - Silk Wide Leg Pants and Crop Top

Greetings Fashionistas,

Happy, happy Friday! I have another exciting weekend ahead. First up is date night....who ever tires of that??? LOL! Then, tomorrow I'm volunteering at the Tom Joyner Family Reunion Expo! Whoo hoo! I will be educating participants about health living and answering health-related questions. Saturday night I will be attending one of the many concerts at the venue. Soooo excited! Sunday I plan to relax at the house and then Monday I'm hosting a Labor Day cookout at my house. I love holidays.......

I'm still sharing my cruise style. I changed a lot and was able to capture the majority of my looks.....bear with me ;-)

This look was worn to dinner and for the ship's dance extravaganza show. At first I was a little hesitant about rocking the crop top without a blazer or any outerwear, but the soft pants, high heels, and necklace add a bit of elegance to this outfit.

This outfit was surprisingly comfortable. I didn't like the pants at first, but I got over it, lol.

 These pants show every little crevice.....I do not recommend them unless you either don't give two craps, or your body is on point! By the time the night was over, I just didn't' give two craps, lol.

Necklace/Crop Top - Forever 21
Wide Leg Pants - Urban Outfits
Clutch - Nordstrom
Heels - Zara

Have a safe and wonderful weekend!



Kaika said…
Love the trousers :)
You look very beatiful

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tharjye said…
Cute outfit love it!
Unknown said…
Very cute! Enjoy your Labor Day weekend!
Ofure .O. said…
Such a Gorgeous match..I love it x
Shari said…
love it! Hot pants and Braids!!
Cheptoo Cece said…
Totally adore the blend of the two. Amazing.