Vacay Style - Leopard Print Crop Top and Maxi Skirt

Greetings Fashion Friends,

Hump Day is here!!! I am beginning to become immune to this day, hence my need to highlight it excessively, lol. The only day of the work week that gets me super excited is Friday. I've officially validated my adulthood. How colossally lame. SMH.

Moving on.....I am posting another look from my vacation. For our open day at sea, I swear I changed outfits at least 3 times, LOL. This was look #2 (the first look wasn't really blog worthy). I was really about that leopard print with this top. It's kind of raunchy so I paired it with this maxi skirt for a more demure look. HOWEVER, my dang hips and booty still made this a little risque! Oh well....

Me and the bf did everything we could possibly find to do! It actually felt as if I was on vacation longer than I was. Loved it!

I miss the open sea........gorgeous!

Sunglasses - Marc Jacobs
Earrings - Street Vendor
Crop Top - Forever 21
Maxi Skirt - (on sale)
Sandals - Cole Haan



iesha said…
get it girl! show that tummy!

LA Lynn's said…
Gurrrrrl, you betta WERK them curves!!!! Looking good missy!!!
Unknown said…
You look great, really like this outfit!!!!!

Carsedra McKoy:
Loving this look. My have to steal this look.
Tanya said…
Yay you finally got it. I thought I recognised the skirt. I love how you wore it. It looks good on you.
Unknown said…
Gorgeous vaca look!!! You look fab!!


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Unknown said…
Gorgeous colour on the skirt.

Princie said…
Love this mix of red and leopard! Nice holidays outfit!