Outfit: Fashion Business

Greetings Fashion Mavens,

I'm back from another vacation and like all of us who return from a much needed break......I would rather be back on vacay, lol. When reality sets back in, it hits like a ton of breaks! Oh well, I enjoyed myself immensely folks and I plan to take a mini vacay every 3-4 months....or less if I need it. Relaxation and rejuvenation is good for the body, mind, and soul.

I returned to the States on Sunday and I got right back into action. I met up with my business partners for a dinner meeting and it was great to catch up with each other, move forward with our plans, and overdress for a casual restaurant setting, LOL.

The scorching heat makes me not want to wear many layers but since I decided to wear a pair of super short dress shorts, I grabbed a blazer to add some class to this look.

My camera didn't do these heels justice.....they're denim and the blue color resembles a light wash pair.

Earrings - Boutique in San Juan, PR
Necklace/Blazer - Forever 21
Tank - Urban Outfitters
Shorts - Macy's
Rings - Street vendors
Clutch - Random boutique
Heels - Sam Edelman 'Lorissa'



Anonymous said…
Thighs...Leather Shorts...Heels...White Jacket! WINNING! Love the Whole Outfit! Keep the Sexy Styles coming ma'am! - Professor JT

Unknown said…
You look amazing, and I am in love with this entire look.
Unknown said…
#Werk. You look fab and you have great legs girlie!
I don't think you're overdressed at all! I think you've married casual and elegance perfectly. It's the right level of sophistication for a business lunch! Also, you have killer legs haha! Must be that zumba ;)

Love it of course!! Those shoes are everything girl! Major envy!

xo, Kenya

LA Lynn's said…
Fabulous from head to toe. Glad to hear u enjoyed vacay and jumped right back into action!

Shari said…
So cute! You're def rocking this look! The shoes take it over the top !!

I'm back blogging again, stop by any time!
LV said…
Very cute! I love the blazer and it really anchors the whole look. Cute shoes too!