Outfit: All Cream Everything???

Greetings Fashion Pad Friends,

Happy Monday folks! I had a really good weekend so I refuse to let Monday bring me down! LOL! My awesome 'days off' started on Friday evening with a very funny comedy show. My bf provided hosting duties so I was only too happy to be the 'supporting lady', lol. The event was an anniversary show for one of the comedians so the theme was 'All White Everything'. As I said on Friday, I am not a fan of 'all white' ensembles. My clumsy antics prevent me from indulging. However, I did discover that I own an off-white/cream cut-out dress that I have been saving for some time. Ummm.....I don't know why. It's just what I do........

So this is one of the few 'white' dresses I own. I literally have 2 off-white dresses, 1 white dress (summer wear only), and 1 cream dress. And I don't plan on purchasing another white dress ever! I do realize that this cream color would show any stains as well but its just something about white that attracts accidents for me!

I love the side cutouts! Also, this dress has a lining that actually stays in place.....unbelievable!

I know ya'll see the results of my Zumba fitness regime! I still have some more weight to drop and muscles to tone, however, I'm happy with my progress so far.

I'm still not over these heels.......

Earrings - Random boutique in Miami
Dress - Asos.com (old)
Clutch - Vintage (mom's closet)
Bangles - Bloomingdale's
Ring - Forever 21
Heels - Sam Edelman 'Lorissa'



U Better Work! said…
Love the cut-out dress and Sam Edelman heels :)
U Better Work! said…
Love the cut-out dress and Sam Edelman heels! :)
Girl, you do not need to lose any more weight. Your body looks bangin' and that Zumba class is doing you wonders. I really want a white dress for the summer too, but I, like you, cannot help but get it dirty. Either way, you look fine. I love the cutout details!!

Style4Curves said…
Gorgeous and I think I'm over those heels until I see you with them on THANKS a lot for adding to me neverending shoe addiction lolll
Unknown said…
You look great and love the dress and shoes!! Sounds like a nice event!!!

Carsedra of:
Ticka said…
Looking all kinds of sexy!! Love that dress!!

Keep on going with that Zumba girl!! It's doing you right! :)
Love the dress! Very chic! You always rock the cut outs girl! You look great!

xo, Kenya

Ritah Weikama said…
Beautiful Dress and you look damn nice. Flawless look

Thanks for your sweet comment on ririzmusings.blogspot.com
Ritah Weikama said…
The shoes are wow,,,,
alaways on point and you know what suits your body best

Unknown said…
such a pretty dress! let me know if you want to follow each other. xo

Arr said…
Sam Edelman has the best shoes ever; glad you snagged a pair bc OMG, I want some.

Love your look.
Unknown said…
Love, love that dress. I have been in the look out for something similar and still no luck :(. Also adoring the shoes.
Mrs. Pancakes said…
i agree with ticka about you looking all kinds of sexy...that purse is sooo fierce!!
LA Lynn's said…
Whoaaaa... U betta WERK!

Unknown said…
I love this dress!