Hot or Not????

Greetings Fashionistas,

Happy Friday! *throws confetti* I'm about to start my weekend off right with a comedy show tonight! Whoo hoo! One of my favorite things to do...even more than shopping *insert 'gasp' here* laugh like I don't have a care in the world! As my bff says.....I'm easily entertained! LOL! But on another note, there just so happens to be a color theme for the event tonight...yep you guessed it, 'All White Everything'. Did I tell you guys that I do NOT like wearing all white??? Nothing against the Snow White effect but I'm super clumsy and I have yet to attend any "all white" event and not do something ridiculous to one of my white garments. SMH. I should go in 'fire engine red' just to be a class 'A' butthole, lol. Anyways I'm going to ponder on this a little harder and I'll show you guys what I decided on Monday ;-)

So, as I'm perusing online retailers, I come across these......interesting shoes on I thought I'd share them with you all to see what your thoughts were. I'm all for architectural designs in's a fascinating concept....however, I feel as if this shoe may have crossed over to the scary side. I think it may be considered a man AND woman repellent! I don't know, maybe I'll stare at it a little longer and fall deeply in love.....#shoeaddict this behemoth an epic fashion feat.....or fashion monstrosity?

I kind of like it.....but I'm also quite scared of it at the same time......

Details: distressed leather platform, cutout strappy detailing, curved heel, and white, treaded sole.

Total height: 12.25 inches

Oh Jeffrey..........

Exempt Platform by Jeffrey Campbell $220.00


Have a safe and wonderful weekend!



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