Reader Request - Couple's Photo Shoot

Greetings Fashion Pad Divas,

I have a Reader Request to share with you all from fab Fashion Pad follower Joy.

I'm a super long time reader of your blog (probably going on 5 years now) and you are my source for fashion direction!  I just love your attention to trends and how you always keep it balanced with traditional pieces.  So, here's where I'm stuck; my boo piece and I are getting ready to take some professional photos together.  We want our clothes to complement each others, but we don't want to look like that stereotypical couples photo where he's wearing a red Polo shirt and I'm wearing a ladies Polo.  I think we've all seen those. :-)  I'm a medium build and can pretty much wear any style of clothing although I'm not really a dress or skirt girl. I prefer pants/jeans, but would consider some kind of dress/skirt if you suggest some. My boyfriend is 6'2 and is also a medium build.  He will wear anything except shorts.  Do you think that you could help us with some suggestions for the shoot?  I'm not sure if we're going to take the photos in a studio or in a more natural setting, but I will definitely take your ideas and adjust them to the scenery.  Thank you so much for sharing yourself with us on a regular.  You are an exceptional lady!

Okay Joy, I got you and the boo covered. I've included several looks that hopefully will inspire you and your boo to step out of your comfort zone and push the boundaries of your personal style. I also took in consideration different settings (i.e. studio vs. lakeside vs. meadow). Hmmm.....does anyone use the word 'meadow' anymore? I'm so weird. Anyhew, take a look below for ideas and tips.


The above looks are a combination of classic style and trendy accessories. The above looks would work great for a relaxed theme. Joy I suggest you scrunch up the sleeves of the blazer for a more casual look. The heels add polish but if you guys want your shoot to be in a meadow ;-), Joy I suggest you switch the pumps to a pair of  calf length gladiator sandals and the jean pants to jean shorts...but keep the blazer and you guys will look like a chic, casually dressed duo.


Since your guy is open to wearing different styles, I decided to go with the combination of a denim vest and high-top sneakers. This look is on trend, however, he can bring in his own personal twist by switching out the plaid shirt with a more eccentric pattern. Joy, I know you're inwardly groaning because I threw in this skirt, LOL. But I did read that you would be willing to consider them. The stripes and colors complement the guy's style and if you don't feel comfortable in the skirt, switch to a pair of high waist, wide leg trousers (either white or blue denim). The trendy crop top and bodycon skirt are right on trend and I pushed the envelope a little by combining prints.


Sorry Joy but I snuck in one more 'out of the norm' look for you. The dress above is vintage-inspired and complements the swagged out look for your guy. I think the dapper style I created for the boo deserves a feminine look as an accessory. In order to not look so 'matchy-matchy', I suggest pulling one color and subtlety incorporating it in your style. In this case, I took it a bit further by introducing the green from the tie and belt in a lighter shade that is displayed on your necklace and heels. The dress is plain so I went with an animal print heel and bib necklace to add interest and a great pop of color!


Okay we're going back to pants Joy. Whew......LOL! I think a printed jumpsuit is a classic silhouette and will be a fabulous option as well. I think you can either keep or take away the blazer. If you decide to go with a similar look and lose the blazer, I would recommend adding some arm candy. Your guy will look hot in a cardigan and colored pants. I just chose a random color from the print of the jumpsuit  to focus on for the boo's trousers and you can do the same.


1. Decide on your setting, then go with a theme if you have no idea where to start (i.e. vintage,
    polished, classic, hip-hop)

2. Choose timeless silhouettes for the fashion and modernize your looks with trendy accessories (in
    moderation). This way when you look back on these photos you won't freak out! LOL.

3. Choose a color and subtley incorporate it into your look to avoid the "twin effect"

This was a fun challenge and I can't wait to hear what look/theme you guys decided to go with. Don't forget about me!!! 



Ofure .O. said…
Wow..this is really lovely hun...I'm so copying some of this hehe lol..Thnks for the post btw :d
Unknown said…
Looks 1 and 3 are a tie for me!
You can't go wrong!

Unknown said…
This is Joy and I am LOVING looks 2 and 4! I didn't even think about a jumpsuit! I may actually have a wardrobe change and go with both looks. I have been exercising regularly and think that it's time to show off my hard work so that cropped top and pencil skirt are calling my name. I also love the color combinations and I think that the looks are timeless. Thank you so much for the inspiration and I'm happy that you enjoyed my challenge! :-)
Coco said…
Nice to meet you Joy! Great post Shanequa, like a professional stylist!
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Unknown said…
I love how you styled these outfits, they're wonderful!