Outfit: Crop Top and Printed Pants

Greetings Fashion Mavens,

I'm back. My vacation was absolutely outstanding. It was definitely needed and I actually should have taken another 3 days off. Why 3 days you ask? Well, 2 days to recover from the vacation and 1 day to get myself mentally prepared to head back to work, lol........#truestory. I will share vacation pics (condensed version of course) in a few days. I have quite a few edits to make and my family has threatened to beat me if I don't send them the pics via email in the next couple of days!

In the mean time, I want to share a look I wore Saturday evening when I met up with the bf. I was superbly bronzed after my vacay and decided to flaunt a little skin with yet another new crop top I've added to my growing collection. Also, I was determined to wear these printed silk pants my mom made for me. How awesome is that??? #sewingmommy

Yeesssss.....check out that skin color! Cho-co-late! LOL!

I was in Jo-Ann's Fabrics with my mom and fell in love with this print. It's so chaotic and those polka dots.......obsessed!

The print is super busy so I decided not to accessorize heavily. The statement necklace was my only concession. 

My mom placed tiny pockets on the front. They are super cute but I surely won't be using them until I lose some freakin' weight man. I ate entirely too much last week. Not sure how I even thought it was appropriate for me to even wear a cropped top. SMH.

Nerd glasses - Forever 21
Necklace - Gifted by bf
Top - GoJane.com
Pants - Courtesy of my mom (she rocks!)
Clutch - Aldo
Heels - Zara



Ritah Weikama said…
Bold Fashion Statement Move.
I enyy you guys back here in Uganda you cant pull of this outfit so easily

You look fabulous

Life's a shoe said…
cute outfit! really loving your pants
Cute look! You look so comfy. I love the braids!
ari said…
Wow your mom is the bomb.com! Love this look!
Unknown said…
Shanequa, I love how you did this look. I am feeling inspired here. I need to find the best cropped top for me. I have the perfect pants for it. Love your pants too!
Unknown said…
Those pants are everything!!! I need them in my life definitely! I love how you will rock a bold look! You look fab!!

xo, Kenya @ Kenya L Fashion Blog

Ritah Weikama said…
Cute and relaxing an outfit

Unknown said…
Lovely outfit and blog!


Coco said…
You look like you just came back from vacation, well you did! This bright colourful outfit is a joy for the eyes Shanequa! I know what you mean, I was back to office yesterday after my vacation and I'm already pissed off!!
Coco et La vie en rose
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JanandJill.com said…
I love the top with the pants and that statement necklace. You look so chic for summer and good for you taking a little extra time and getting an extra for mentally preparing to go back to work. I wish I did that every time.

LA Lynn's said…
Loving the new page layout... Now gimme those pants hunni!

Vett Vandiver said…
love those pants, so fun!!
xoxo Kellz* said…
I love this so much babe u look hot!

OMG, I love your pants! You have seamlessly integrated two of my favorite things in fashion; palazzo pants and printed pants. LOVE LOVE LOVE the boho vibe, super chic!