New Additions - B Brian Atwood Labrea Asymmetrical Sandals

Greetings Fashion Pad Friends,

It's Hump Day folks. And embarrassingly, I'm barely making it over the hump! This morning I had to pull out my mountain climbing gear to assist with the climb. That's what kind of week I'm having so far. SMH

And because I dragged my behind out of bed....albeit late I may add....I have to quickly get into this post. I have new additions expected to arrive today peeps. I know I could have taken pics with my foot in the shoe but I couldn't wait to post on them so I'm sharing pics of them now in high anticipation of these colorful beauties in my arsenal.

I think what wins me over with these heels are the thin, strategically placed straps that allow the foot to appear "scantily dressed".'s sexy as heck!!! Ask any guy!

The color choice is a little different for me.....yes, I'm pretty shocked as well. However I purposely ignored the black, gold options because I always choose them. I'm different, yes I'm different *in my best 2 Chainz voice* LOL

I first fell in love with this heel when Solange wore them a while back. But you all know I'm a fashion hoe so I had forgot about them for a while. Then I saw them on Shopbop the other day at a mega discount. I consulted my fabulous friend Brandye and she hurriedly encouraged this purchase (my friends suck btw, LOL).

Needless to say, I can't wait to come home to these sexy mommas today!



Unknown said…
I just can't wait to see the outfit you will wear to rock these babies. They are just amazing!
Unknown said…
They're absolutely fabulous doll and can't wait to see you rocking them.

<3 Marina