Outfit: Safari Glam

Greetings Fashionistas,

Happy Friday!!!!! *throws confetti* The weekend is here and that means one thing.....my vacation starts in exactly 1 week! Whoop, whoop! Okay, let me reign in my excitement.....the good lord knows I won't be any good at work if I don't put a lid on it ;-) I usually pack my clothes a couple of days before a trip but this time I'm fully packed more than a week in advance, lol. I've been shopping like crazy which is the one thing I don't like about myself around vacation time. I mean, I already have items that are perfect for a trip filled with beach essentials and lazy glamour clothing (that is such a perfect oxymoron *tee hee hee*) but I still tend to buy new items. Someone please take my card.....and memory since I know the digits as smoothly as I know my social security number, SMH.

I'm getting my hair braided this weekend and I'm so excited. I've rocked this protective style for the longest as my hair transitioned from its relaxed state to a natural one free of harsh chemicals and constant heat. However, I'm still scared to let it all down; not because I am ashamed of any connotations, I LOVE my heritage.....but simply because I have two left hands when it comes to hair styling, lol. Furthermore, my patience is paper thin!!! Thank goodness I have fabulous stylist and wonderful girlfriends who are going to help me out :-)

Geesh, I'm just typing away like I don't have to get my behind up and head in to work, lol. The look below is what I playfully label safari glam. I built the look around my hat because ever since I made the decision to switch to braids, I have done absolutely NOTHING to these poor little weaved tresses.So this hat paired with my fav DIY vest was the start and then I had to amp up the look with a burgundy lip and bombshell heels. I do love my contradictory outfits....makes me appear discombobulated! Haaa!

My bf despises these shorts, LMBO! He says they have waaayyyyy too much room in them, sort of reminds him of Depends.....LOL. #men

Grainy pic....sorry it was raining yesterday so I had to take these indoors. I've had these heels for years but I can't seem to get rid of them....love!

Hat - Urban Outfitters
Earrings - Forever 21
Vest - DIY
Top - Banana Republic
Clutch - Vintage
Cuff - C/O ShoptheLook.net
Heels - Report Signature (via Shopbop.com)

Have a safe and wonderful weekend!



LifeAlLen said…
LOVE this outfit. The heels is amazing!

-Alexander and Elena
Lorraine said…
Love your outfit hunny and those shoes ARE HAUTEEEEE!!!!!!!

With Love,
Unknown said…
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Unknown said…
Mama, I am in love with this look and just maked as a favorite. I honestly can not wait to recreate something similar, so thank you for the inspiration. You look FABULOUS!
Unknown said…
LEGS!!!! those shoes make your legs look great! Im calling dibs on that clutch if you ever decide to give it up. Where are you going on vacation? Man it must be nice! I know my card numbers like my social too, its so sad, just know you are not alone!!
cecylia.com said…
wow you've accessorized to perfection!!!
Bree said…
LOVE the heels and bag! And thank you for commenting on my blog.

Unknown said…
Love this shoes

New post on my blog:
Princie said…
Wow...Love these shoes and clutch!
Fashion Pad said…
Thanks Nikki! I'm headed to Tybee Island....off the coast of Savannah :-) This clutch is yours....when I'm through with it, lol.
Fashion Pad said…
Awww....gee thanks Berty, you are too sweet!
Super cute outfit! Love the hat and heels!