Temporary Halt on Heels - Doctor's Order

Greetings Fashionistas,

Soooo.....as my title suggests, I have to stop wearing heels for 2 weeks!!! Oh my soul! Okay, his mandate is substantiated  About a month ago I injured my ankle. Not sure exactly when, but I definitely felt it after my Zumba class one night. I thought I was okay after a while but then I started o feel pain at night and simply when walking. Not a good look! After a night of throbbing pain I finally called my doctor. But what a monumental mistake, lol. He told me no more heels (pass out the Kleenex tissue please) and no Zumba or any forms of rigorous exercise. I'm going to have to cut back on my calories..........way back.

Because I'm banned from heels....starting today, lol......I overdressed for a simple sushi dinner with the boo. Hot mess, I know, but I'm a little passionate about my heels ;-) It was raining cats, dogs, giraffes, and elephants so I had to switch shoes.

I decided to wear a lower heel when I went out but admittedly it was still pretty high.....sue me.

Necklace - Bloomingdale's
Dress - Macy's
 Belt - Random Boutique
Clutch - Nordstrom
Ring- Street vendor in SoHo (NYC)
Bracelet - Forever 21
Heels - Sam Edelman 'Lorissa'

Have a safe and wonderful weekend!



Ticka said…
Looking good! Love that dress!

Awwww, man!! No heels!?! I know that hurts your heart! But I know you can still bring the heat with flats though.

Stay off of that ankle gurl!
Unknown said…
dang thats wack!! I dont know what I would do if I was banned from wearing heels for heck a weekend, they are such a staple. Anyway I love your heels here, they are hot and your entire look. I love how you styled your hair too!
Unknown said…
wait a minute... no zumba either?? oh nooooooo
Ofure .O. said…
Boom...I want the the Shoes..You look good x
Lorraine said…
Awww!! No heels :( Be careful out there girl!! Your outfit is cute and I love those HEELS!!

With Love,
Style4Curves said…
No heels?!!! I would die!!!! Love this outfit now u make me want the Lorissa's I convinced myself I didn't need anymore loll
Unknown said…
I love those shoes! They are BEYOND! It would be hard for me to not do heels too - I always wear them!

xo, Kenya


Kenya L Fashion Blog
Coco said…
Oh sweetie the quicker your ankle recovers, the sooner you will get back on your heels! Why don't you try some jewel flat sandals in the meantime? Or cute ballet flats? Big hugs
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Unknown said…
Aww, that's sad...but honey, you went out with a bang! Loooovve the heels!! Get well soon!


I love how flawless your outfit is!
And there is so many good details about it that I can only say it's perfect!
I think my crush is on your dress, great shape and it suits you amazingly!
Have a great day darling!

Unknown said…
I'm loving this look!! :) Thank you for stopping by my blog. Following you too!


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U Better Work! said…
Sorry to hear about the ban on heels, especially since those Same Edelmans you're wearing are so fierce. I'm sure you can rock out some flats though.
Anonymous said…
No heels !! What a fiasco :-) so sorry about that but you know what hun, you dont have a spre ankle in the freezer so just hang in there until all is okay and back to normal.

Totally missed being on this space. Lovely dress you got there.

Unknown said…
Simply stunning.
Unknown said…
Love the dress and shoes!!!

Carsedra of:
Princie said…
Looove your outfit. Not overdressed at all, just perfect ;-). Courage for these 2 weeks!
Cheptoo Cece said…
Love the dress. beautiful

Love from Kenya