Recap - Wedding of the Year

Greetings Fashion Friends,

It's Hump Day Wednesday (half way through the work week for my foreign friends). I'm in my hometown because my mother is having surgery today. Of course I'm soliciting all well wishes but the prayers of the righteous.......undeniable! I'm not worried about her but I'm going to pray for this surgeon and these nurses!

Anyhew, I have a lot of pics to share from my friend's wedding so I will keep the commentary to a minimum. She was absolutely stunning!!! Oh yea and the groom was pretty dapper as well (poor grooms they get no love, LOL). I was a bridesmaid so if you follow me on Instagram, you've seen some of these pics already but the majority are new.


The gorgeous bride.....on our way to the church (this woman does NOT take a bad picture ever!)

Mother of the how fly is she!!!

Each of the bridesmaids dresses were different.....mine was obviously strapless and layered.

It's all in the details......their theme was vintage inspired. HAUTE!

The groom...

The handsome apologies to the groom, I was just so shady with his photo ops, LOL. But I did get a few of him on my phone and they are uploaded on my Instagram.

I had her pose with her clutch and shortened reception dress.

Congrats to Mr. and Mrs. Pleas. Love ya'll!!!!

Thanks for viewing folks!



Oh I love weddings! Seems like you've had a great time! Your friend looked gorgeous!



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Unknown said…
What a beautiful Bride and her wedding dress was glam and gorgeous! You all look absolutely lovely. Love the Brides Maid dresses as well. Great pic. Thanks for sharing.. Love to See Love :)

Unknown said…
Just beautiful! Congrats to the couple!
MrsDjRass said…
UHM...I loved everything about that wedding. Gorgeous couple, gorgeous aesthetic, gorgeous everything!!
devin leiva said…
beautiful photos love the brides dress
Mimi said…
Amazing! All of my boos looked great!
issatchieu said…
such an elaborate wedding them and you LOOK MADLY GORGEOUS in that pink dresssss
Princie said…
Oh what a beautiful wedding. Everything is gorgeous and the bride is so stunning. You make a beautiful bridesmaid too.
Anonymous said…
Modest dresses for women! The pattern is fantastic with the bride looking so stunning.