Reader Request - Rihanna's Instagram Sandals

Greetings Fashion Friends,

I know I have been slacking with my reader request posts. I still receive inquiries via email but I usually just email the reader directly. However, after receiving two emails this afternoon for the same pair of heels.....I had to post just in case any other fashionistas are interested :-)

Hey Shanequa,

Could you help me find these heels that Rihanna is wearing??? I freakin' LOVE them. My boyfriend thinks I'm crazy but whatever!

Thank you!

Alrighty. This was a little difficult because I had a hard time observing the details. However, after searching for a while (thanks Google!) I finally located the designer....and let me tell you, this dashing designer is very sought after for his feminine, unique, and statement making designs.

These futuristic heels will set you back about $3,690 bucks!!!! Good lawd! The style merges bondage and gladiator elements with wrap around buckles that fit over-the-knee. 

I've also spotted them in black, silver, and the above gold metallic mirror style.....I'm sorry but I immediately thought about the gold robot in Star Wars when I first laid eyes on these........just saying. This metallic pair will attack your bank account in the form of $3, 850!!!!

So what do you all think, is this a fabulous find.....or frightful fug?

Sidenote - Her top is the business! Love the print!!!



JustPatience said…
Tom Ford can never go wrong. These are so futuristic chic.
PAPS said…
Oh gosh they are too expensive and most of all wired for me.
Arr said…
Tom Ford has some nice pieces and these sandals are show stoppers. I don't think I could wear them but they are a hot item.
Unknown said…
Frightful fug. iCan't. lol
U Better Work! said…
These are fierce! She can also try Alexander Wang and Jimmy some price comparison.