Outfit: Snapback and Combat

Greetings Fashion Friends,

Everyone keeps pointing out how short I am literally every where I go, lol. I guess I had forgotten as well! As I continue to get creative with my styling to incorporate my slight aversion to flats (they're cute but I'm vertically challenged so we don't hang out a lot) I'm slowly sliding into the "resignation" phase. With this look below, I pulled out a snapback, my new cutout mini, and combat boots. Edgy much?

I toughened up this garment by adding a snapback hat, spiked accessories, and combat boots. The boots shortened the length of my legs but I really didn't care. I was going for edgy not elongated.

I still covet cutouts. They infuse just the right amount of skin....not too revealing or raunchy.

Hat - NYC
Dress - Boohoo.com
Bracelets - Forever 21
Handbag - Saks Fifth Avenue
Combat Boots - Urbanog.com



Lorraine said…
Love your outfit!!! So sporty and chic!

With love,
xoxo Kellz* said…
Love love Love this cut out

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I freaking love the cutouts! So chic!

Super cute look! I love the cut outs in the dress!
loving the snapback hat,boots sexy cut outs on your dress..All blending in well
loving the snapback hat,boots sexy cut outs on your dress..All blending in well
issatchieu said…
this is different but fierce!! edgy it is. love hw u 'toughen' the look.
Unknown said…
That dress is really cute, love the rock chic look - Yup edgy!!!

devin leiva said…
I'm short too and sometimes if wish to be tall but truth be told I love my height and I love this look.
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Coco said…
I like your rocking fighting look. It's unusual for you, but very flattering. If you want to look taller, there are these super trendy sandals and laced shoes with an even platform. I think they can be considered as flats from a medical point of view. Have you considered this option?
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