Outfit: Flat Sunday

Greetings Fashion Pad Readers,

Happy Monday....I guess, lol. I don't have much to say folks, I think I have the Monday blues. I just wanted to share my Sunday church outfit with you all. I took about an hour to get dressed....maybe 57 minutes of that was actually finding a look that would accommodate my heel-less days to come. I am so disappointed in myself. A style challenge such as this should not stump me. But goodness! It's like I don't know what I'm doing anymore. Pardon me, I'm about that drama today.....let's just blame it on a super fun weekend that ended in the abrupt realization that it's over, lol.

I bought these flats a couple of weeks ago for work.....didn't realize I would be using them outside of work for therapeutic relief. SMH I decided to go with a matchy look. Up close, these flats and this dress are two different hues.....but from afar, and in photos, they appear to match my dress perfectly ;-)

Now that I'm looking at them closely again.....they remind me of Christmas a little.

The back of this dress has a cutout design so the blazer was a must because I would never walk in church like that.It was quite breezy yesterday morning so I welcomed the extra layer happily.

Earrings - Burlington Coat Factory
Blazer - Forever 21
Necklace - JC Penney
Dress/Belt - Arden B
Clutch - Vintage (from mom)
Ring - Forever 21
Bracelets - Nordstrom
Flats - Burlington Coat Factory



Kaika said…
Love the bag :)
You look stunning in this outfit
Oliva uns said…
I love your look :) you look happy :)
Come and see me and if you want we can follow each other ?:)

Joy Shana said…
You look lovely, nice dress
Unknown said…
Considering I am such a flats girl, I love your outfit! :)
Unknown said…
That dress is so cute!

xo, Kenya


Kenya L Fashion Blog
Borjana said…
The cutest!Have a great day,love!
miasmode said…
Might have took an hour to get dressed but you look fabulous. Love the dress and the flats <3

Unknown said…
Oh my!!! Is that really a clutch,really thought you were holding a magazine - love that! The blazer adds a more urban chic feel to the cute dress..

Love the color of your dress. Beautiful as always!
Jeeda said…
Ya did good bay;)...very cute outfit! I know I would probably still be looking for something to put on...my lack of flats would have something to do with that:)
cecylia.com said…
your tangerine dress is divine! Love the fluted skirt and the shape on you! xx