New Arrivals - Caged Architecture

Greetings Fashion Friends,

It's already Hump Day! I have love/hate relationship with short work weeks, lol. I'm certainly happy for the extended weekend, but then the workload volume is super crazy the remaining days. Which is why I'm going to be short and sweet funny.

Sooooo I'm semi-back to heels folks! Yaayyy!!!! I took these new additions out for a spin over the weekend. I'm happy to report I didn't have any issues *keeping fingers crossed* I did keep the wear to less than 2 hours ;-)

I've gained a few pounds since I've been banned from exercise for the past month (doctor's orders). I tried my best to monitor my caloric intake but every time I turned my back my inner greedy girl turned her front!!! She's so freakin' devious!

I love the mixed materials this shirt is constructed of.....but it is a little cheap looking, lol.

These caged beauties are so awesome! They're comfortable and the perfect conversation starters. #satisfied

Sunglasses - Ray Bans (borrowed from brother)
Earrings - Street vendor
Top - Love Culture
Clutch - Thrifted
Ring - Street vendor (NYC)
Shorts - Urban Outfitters
Heels - Sole Society



Nancie said…
Love the heels...and you look gorgeous
Ticka said…
Looking good!! Those heels are SUPER cute!! And don't worry, I've been in the gym enough for both of us lately. I'll send some elliptical vibes your way! ;)
Unknown said…
those shoes are HOTTTTT!!!
Ofure .O. said…
woowh.The Shoes =FIYAH..Lol
Ilove love it...You look stunning x
Unknown said…
Love the whole outfit, looking great!

Kike said…
I love this outfit so much... especially the caged sandals! :)
Great comeback heel! You look great! Love the shoes!
Tanya said…
Those shoes are super gorgeous! You must get compliments on them and I love your sunglasses too.
Bunnie said…
Wow those shoes are incredible, how fab! You look lovely as usual :)
xoxo Haylee
ciaa said…
Well ! hello sexy girl . You look great .
Lauren said…
Those heels are so fun! You look great! xo
Unknown said…
Cute! I love this look! The shoes are fab but the whole look is HOT!! Work it girlie!!

xo, Kenya @ Kenya L Fashion Blog
U Better Work! said…
Glad you are back in heels, Luv em by the way! You were rockin out in your flats though :)
Anonymous said…
love the heels, so pretty
Cheriz Angel said…
Those are probably one of the best pairs of shoes I've ever seen. Loving the whole look though.