Outfit:Tuxedo Blazer, Graphic Tank, and Skater Skirt

Greetings Fashionistas,

Happy Friday! I won't bore you with how excited I am for the weekend.....I think I've established that immense joy time and time again, lol. I will be doing some much needed spring cleaning tomorrow but Sunday I'm going to relax after church. There's nothing really exciting planned so far but I'm sure I will find something cool to do.

I've recently found my new love.....tuxedo blazers....oh yea, and skater skirts, lol. I found his blazer on sale for only $6 bucks! SCORE! It was in the junior's department but oh well, thank goodness I'm not top heavy.

These heels were also on clearance....a mere $8.99. They're really comfortable. I also wore them to my brother's anniversary party and danced on them for a good 1 1/2 hours. No stabbing pains at all! I was very impressed.....and relieved!

Earrings - Forever 21
Blazer - Kohl's
Tank - Gryphon
Bangle - Diesel
Skirt/Ring/Heels - Forever 21
Handbag - Saks Fifth Avenue

Have a safe and wonderful weekend!


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12 lovely fashionistas commented:

Style4Curves said...

love it!

Issa Tchieu said...

No way its gonna be 6 bucks with that well fitted blazer!! thats' a steal. U got urself a really great deal. Happy weekend too! :)

Erika T aka Diva said...

VERY CUTE!!! Love it! Have a super weekend!

xoxo Kellz* said...

U know I love this so much :)


Berty Morales said...

Shanequa, you look fabulous and I am in love with this outfit. AMAZING!

Cheriz Angel said...

So cute! I need a blazer like that, but in hot pink-wishful thinking for me, lol. But I do love your outfit.

Katarina | DARE 2 WEAR said...

Amazing tank!


Dr. Reginia said...

Yes! That is a score.

Ooo those legs. Get it girl.

Coco said...

That blazer is so cute, a steal also!!
Happy weekend gorgeous! No fishing today? ;-)
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Carsedra McKoy said...

Very cute look, really like that red blazer!!

I am catching up on my blogs, I didn't realize what I missed in a couple of days of no blog hopping!!!

Carsedra of:



fattygirl218 said...

you lucky thang you finding that blazer for only 6 bucks! thats what I love about kohls tho.... I found a pair of lauren conrads there for 5 bucks last year, catch them on a good day and you wont believe your luck!

Tanya said...

This is my favorite outfit of yours. Mainly because I love skater skirts.