Outfit: Fall Florals.......in the Spring

Greetings Fashion Friends,

For some reason, I've been thinking this week is almost over.....but apparently not. The work week drags but the weekend flies by! Ladies and gentlemen.....this is adulthood. SMH. I'm going to self-diagnose myself with a case of "vacation anticipation". This disorder severely alters your mental faculties, increases your level of irritation, and decreases your patience level. The only treatment is to immediately take a couple personal days off and GO somewhere.....no stay-cations, they only provide a temporary relief of symptoms, you must vacate your immediate area!!!!

I'm sure you see where I'm going with this.....I'm about to fly somewhere and my mother's upcoming birthday is the perfect time to treatment my ailment, LOL. Anyways, I have photos below of what I wore to church on Easter Sunday. I knew that there would be an arsenal of pastel colors and "derby-worthy" hats. As a result, I decided to go against the grain, but I still managed to incorporate a staple trend for spring.............florals.

I purchased this blazer on sale online for about $8 bucks.....SWEET! As I stated in the title, the color schematic is catered more for winter florals but I used the super bright yellow flowers as justification for rocking it for Easter, lol.

Of course my trusty ankle-strap heels helped pull this look together ;-) I know you all see my fresh pedi!!!! That was mainly for my birthday, lol.

Necklace - H&M
Blazer/Dress - Forever 21
Clutch - Urban Outfitters
Bracelets - Nordstrom
Ring - H&M
Heels - Zara



Unknown said…
I hear ya chica I just booked a flight to Cali for the end of the month...warm weather won't come to me, I'll go track it down:) Love the blazer...I think it works just as well in Spring!
Life's a shoe said…
lovely outfit! it's so glam!
Prisla Buah said…
That dress is gorgeous love the full skirt part
Cheriz Angel said…
I love the outfit! Especially the blazer, I just did a post on a floral blazer too. You look so super cute.
I'm in love with your blazer, really beautiful.
Cmichellestyles said…
Love your ensemble doll! you look so chic! I am in love with floral blazers n' YOU are rocking it!
ari said…
In love with that blazer girl!
Unknown said…
Amazing and love the jacket.
Tala said…
love the heel of the shoes - gold, right?! :)
Love it! I have been wanting to incorporate floral but been scared. Love the outfit girl!
Jadore-Fashion said…
Those shoes...shoe twin ;) Love the blazer and bring out the whole outfit.

Coco said…
You look so classy my love!! Your wardrobe is enviable! Where are you going on mini-vacation?
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Mrs. Pancakes said…
I love that jacket..perfect for spring!
The blazer and I'm stalking those Zara heels