Outfit: Canary Yellow and Hot Pink

Greetings Fashion Divas,

Today is my Friday at work and I know I have to go in and work my behind off! Just to have a couple days off I have to make sure I debrief my back-ups about all my patients and any pending items. Otherwise, all hell breaks loose. Understandable as my responsibilities are significantly different from the norm. I guess that makes me a little less expendable but sadly, you can never be too confident these days. I don't know about your industry but the healthcare field is drastically changing. It's a necessary evil as the medical expenses in the U.S. far exceed any other country on this planet.....pretty daunting right. We gotta get our health on track good people!

I wore this colorful evening ensemble out to dinner with some friends for my birthday a couple weeks ago. I had to meet them right after work so I literally switched my flats to a pair of heels, traded my tote for a clutch, added a statement pair of earrings, glossed on some lipgloss, and removed the clip from my hair. LOL!

Sounds like a lot but it literally took me 2 minutes.....in the parking lot!

Loving the deep V cutout in the back of this top. It leads to soft cascading ruffles.....barely visible but utterly perfect.

It was past time to break out these studded beauties!

Earrings/Top/Jeans - Forever 21
Clutch - Aldo
Rings - Street Vendor (NYC SoHo)/H&M
Heels - Valentino 



cecylia.com said…
I love the peep of pink with your gorgeous bright yellow top!!
love those heels!! So Sassy!

Lorraine said…
Cute neon mix!! Love those shoes!

With love,
Apurva Saxena said…
Love the combination of neon pink and neon florescent! Perfectly compliments your skin tone too. ^_^

Love from India,
Unknown said…
My two favorite color-combo. Great top and adoring the shoes.
Unknown said…
Amazing look,I love the shoes :)
Jeeda said…
You finally wore the studded babies!! When you did the post on them a while ago I was salivating;)....I love'em!! You look fab, the yellow, pink, dark denim play so well together. Enjoy your time off!
Unknown said…
You look fabulous!
Anonymous said…
This look turned out great and so did you shoes. As I always say, you are so on top of your shoe game. And I don't see the scuff mark on them so, does that mean you took my advice...LOL...Keep it fresh.
Coco said…
I lllove your blouse hun. can't wait to hear how you enjoyed your we in ny!
Love Coco
Unknown said…
Love the neon! This looks great! I'm your newest follower!

xo, Kenya


Kenya L Fashion Blog
U Better Work! said…
Luv those Valentino on you.
Princie said…
In love with your heels!