New Additions!

Greetings Fashion Friends,

Sooooo.....I bought 6 pairs of shoes in the past week. Yikes!!! Below are the first 3 pairs. I bought these in NYC. I had to restrain myself because I really didn't have the room to pack extra purchases. As a matter of fact, I put back a fab platform sandal because 1) each heel weighed at least 3 lbs (according to my sister) and 2) I ran out of space :-( If I find those heels online you can bet your last dollar that I will scoop them up! When the other 3 pairs of shoes arrive, I will share those as well.

*Disclaimer* - I took these photos with my android so please pardon the grainy pics.

I added two pairs of heels flat pair!!! These 3 pairs together cost me less than $75 bucks!

These heels will join my arsenal of understated, sexy pumps. I was pleasantly surprised when I ran across them in Forever 21. When I tried them on, I noticed that against my skin they give off a 'nude' it. I'll probably wear these soon so I will share photos in the next few days or so.

I have been pushing myself to update my work wardrobe. However, to stay focused on my task, I have to purchase stylish items that will make me feel as if I'm updating my entire wardrobe....not just my 'work attire'. These spiked flats are the perfect addition. The fact that the spikes are the same color as the shoe makes it appropriate for my semi-conservative work environment and their soft color and embellishment will be a versatile addition to my 'off-duty' wardrobe. These shoes are currently on sale at Aldo.

*P.S. - Make that 7 pairs of shoes I've purchased.....I forgot about the flat shoes I bought for work a week ago. SMH

I've been looking for a pair of red pumps.....obviously these are not pumps, however, they have satisfied my want for the time being and this sexy, classic style will undoubtedly enhance my shoe collection. I found them on sale at Steve Madden for less than $30 bucks. Sweet! 

I'm about to purchase another designer heel, but I'm torn between 3 pairs. I will have to get you guy's opinion. Post to come......



Nancie said…
Love the heels esp the steve maddens.xx
I love them all, especially the mint Aldo flats! This happens to me every time I travel. I get myself in a situation where I'm trying to make my packing to return home work. LOL!
Life's a shoe said…
nice! I wish I had six new pairs of shoes too! love those mint flats!
Velma Williams said…
wow, all three cost 75bucks? im sure you definately went home smiling. great purchase.

In Fashion Rehab
Unknown said…
Wow! Great fashion finds! Those shoes are fab! The red ones are my faves!!

xo, Kenya

Kenya L Fashion Blog
Unknown said…
Wow! Great fashion finds! Those shoes are fab! The red ones are my faves!!

xo, Kenya

Kenya L Fashion Blog
Coco said…
Sweetie I've already told you I absolutely love all of your shoes. Seven pair in a week, I think I've never done that. I'll tell my hubby to make him feel better :-) Can't wait for the designer shoes post!!! Love hun :-)
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