Women's Calendar Brunch Recap

Greetings Fashionistas,

Happy Friday good people! Reflecting back on these past couple of days, I realize belatedly I didn't plan my itinerary of "must get these errands done before my trip" really well and of course now I'm running low on time. I'm headed out of town this weekend....more work, no play.....and I thought I was going to cooler temps but low and behold, New Orleans is mighty sunny this weekend. Oh well, hopefully I'll be able to lose myself at Cafe' du Monde with my clothes several shades lighter by the time I leave (all you beignet fans know what I mean). It's the least I can manage since I will have absolutely no time to shop.....blasphemy, I know!

I attended an event at my church last Saturday called a 'Calendar Brunch'. Basically the women of church and community we get together in fellowship and we have women born in each month of the calendar create decorations for their table and provide finger foods for the guests. I was co-captain of my birth month, April, and our theme was "Showers Full of Blessings". We decorated our table like a garden and attached bible verses that reflected the theme to the face of some of the flowers. We won 3rd place so I think it came out pretty well. They also added a fashion show from several local vendors but I wasn't really feeling the styles so no photos to share (don't judge me). I am going to share a couple of quick photos of my table and what I wore below.

Our little garden full of blessings......

Close up....we only had a small table to work with and we had to leave room for the food. It turned out well (my photography skills are so deficient). Sadly, we were the only month that had a biblical based theme......o_o

I chose a simple dress but added a little punch of color with my accessories.

Love this clutch........love these pumps.......that.is.all.

Earrings - Street vendor
Dress/Belt - Old Navy
Bracelets - Boutique in Bahamas 
Rings - Street vendor (NYC)
Clutch - Asos.com
Heels - Zara

Have a safe and wonderful weekend!



Jeeda said…
Love it!!
I love that clutch, such a perfection addition to this outfit.
issatchieu said…
Pretty garden of blessings and im APRIL baby too :)

I like how to match this dress with a white clutch for a modern and minimalistic look.

Issa x
xoxo Kellz* said…
pretty pretty xoxo

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Unknown said…
the fit and color of that dress compliment you so well!! I love your clutch as well!
Coco said…
I think it's a great occasion to spend some time together! You look so beautiful doc!!
Lots of love
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Simply Tasheena said…
Love the color of your dress.

Mrs. Delightful
love love love this dress and your styling in impeccable. Gorgeous

issatchieu said…
Hope ur weekend went well :)
Have a good one ahead.

Issa x
Unknown said…
Very nice, really liking this entire look!!!!

Carsedra of:


Ticka said…
Very pretty! That blue looks amazing on you! And the shoes?!?! LOVE!
LA Lynn's said…
That's awesome & you look cute in cobalt blue with my heels on! Lol!

I love this blue dress and the heels!