Short Glimpse of Spring

Greetings Fashion Friends,

One of my besties and I met up on Saturday for lunch and my favorite pastime!!! I have two best friends and we've been kicking it since pre-school......yes, I'm not lying....PRE-SCHOOL! Those two lovely chicks are irreplaceable! Well, one bff is in to fashion like me....the other (who came into town this past weekend) is not. Talk about pulling teeth! LOL. We had to cut our trip short before I strangled her, lol. Usually, me and the other bff tag team her so neither one of us is overwhelmed with feelings of desolation and hopelessness. However, I was on my own. SMH We will get her to come around soon......hopefully.

I can't believe how hot and humid it was just a few days ago......I was able to pull out my tank top, sandals, and mini. However, the temps have dipped low again so apparently the advent of spring was a false alarm, lol.

I really love the soft pleats on this skirt.

I was only about 5 MPH of wind gusts away from giving everyone a glimpse of my hidden treasures. The wind was a little passive/aggressive that day.

Sunglasses - Chloe (Saks Fifth Avenue)
Earrings - So Be Jewelry
Necklace - Macy's
Tank - Urban Outfitters
Crossbody bag- Nordstrom
Ring - Forever 21
Skirt -
Sandals - Nine West



Why are you doing this to me? I still have snow here.
Cheriz Angel said…
"hidden treasures" LMAO! You look cute though!
Unknown said…
You look so pretty girly... I am so jealous of your Florida girls with your warm sunny weather already.. and even tho the temps dropped a bit, it's still warmer than Chicago lol. Love the color and style of the skirt, so easy breezy.

xoxo Kellz* said…
gimmie ure shirt nuh :)
Diana Marks said…
pretty spring look! Love the skirt!

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Yes! The weather has been fooling us. I am so ready for spring. Tired of my boots and coats now. Love the outfit!
Coco said…
That skirt is perfect! I enjoyed very much this post, I like how you write! Here it's freezing again :-(
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Arr said…
Aww the cobalt skirt is too fun. I long to wear short skirts again... and I will break them out when I come to the US this summer.
Jeeda said…
You just had to mention the warm temps didn't ya...;) Cute skirt chica, love the shades and sandals.
Unknown said…
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