Outfit: Sweater Wrap Dress and Thigh High Boots

Greetings Fashion Pad Readers,

Happy Monday! Did you all enjoy your weekend? I sure did! I shopped my behind off online AND in stores. Ummm....what was that about? It's not like I had any extra funds or anything. But to be completely honest, I do this from time to time. I get into a mood where I just have to purchase something or all is not right in my little fashion abode. Weird....or maybe not. I'm sure one of you out there is just like me....or knows someone who is ;-) I picked up quite a few items from Zara, Love Culture (local boutique), and Asos. I should be good for a while.....I hope, lol. Besides my little shopping binge, I attended the fair with my bf and my family. We had a really good time, and that's with the frigid weather! I really just go to eat...what, no one else does that either??? Oh well, it's back to healthy eating today.

Below, I've posted some pics of what I wore to church yesterday. It was quite chilly. I took the photos without my jacket/coat so that you can actually see the outfit. I know it may seem boring, but I love pairing a sweater dress with boots in the winter. It's an effortless look that transcends the rapidly changing fashion scene.

This belt really cinches the waist.....and pushes everything else out around it....good grief!

I'm seriously updating my camera soon.......

These boots stretch almost mid thigh! I freakin' love them :-)

Earrings/Dress - Forever 21
Scarf - Zara
Top - Urban Outfitters
Rings - Street vendor/Forever 21
Boots - I'm sorry....I can't recall



Cheriz Angel said…
Cute. Love the boots too!
You should do a hall because I've purchase quite a few pieces i saw you in.
I really love this look, the boots are perfect!
Jeeda said…
Those boots..love! You accessorized this look perfectly with the scarf and belt!
Unknown said…
Shanequa, you look stunning, and that dress looks amazing on you. I love it. Great boots too, just fabulous!
You look fabulous! Love the dress and boots.
Prisla Buah said…
Those boots are amazing Dear
Life's a shoe said…
great look! you look so chic and I love those boots! following you now via GFC :)
Unknown said…
Thank you sooo much for your sweet comment :) Following you now :)
Anonymous said…
Ok...I am guilty of being in a mode were I have to purchase something and no it is never in budget so I try to make up for it in the end. I agree with one of your other readers you need to do a haul, because I find myself purchasing shoes from some of your favorite sites. I even have one pair that is identical to yours. Good thing we are in two seperate states...LOL
I really like this combination! The boots are stunning as well as your dress!! You look great!

Hope you visit me on my blog
LA Lynn's said…
You betta WERK them boots with that dress!!!!

Unknown said…
Love that dress, the color is pretty & those boots just va va voomed the entire outfit....sexiness!
Unknown said…
oh man you are rocking this look!! I love it from head to toe