Outfit: Sequined Top, Cuffed Shorts, and Platform Heels

Greetings Fashionistas,

Happy Friday!!! We made it through another work/school week and I, for one, am exhausted. Let me share how fortunate I was to have yet another title added to my job responsibilities (that's makes three now) and after they talked me down off the ledge...........I finally accepted that times are still a little rough and we all have to give a little bit more than what we have had to do in the past. I just hope this transition period is temporary.

I have little plans for the weekend but they do involve some tiring work.....cleaning up my house. I don't mean it's junky, I mean it's time for a good spring cleaning. I may have to work this out two weekends in a row, lol. Oh wait....nope, my birthday weekend is coming up so I guess that won't fly.

I've worn this vintage sequin top (circa 1940....I'm a very lucky girl) once before and I try to pull it out on a special occasion every now and then. However, this time, I just went to a little lounge with the bf. I actually took these pics a couple of hours before we went so that I could have a little daylight to work so my hair was not in this ponytail.

Whew.....that bowleg be killing 'em. LMBO. I tried hard, or years, to correct my legs, lol. They used to be worse but I  didn't have any vitamin D deficiencies so I'm not sure why they were so warped! All I needed was an arrow..........

Love the intricate patterns on this top......I payed a pretty penny for it but it was worth it to me. It's that good ish, lol.

 Eventually, I plan to have my mom add a couple darts to the top so that I can have a more fitted look, but for now, I think it gives off a lovely air of casual elegance (because of the way I styled it of course).

It's time for me to get rid of these heels but....they just make me feel like an Amazon!!!

Earrings - Forever 21
Top - Vintage (Boutique in Tallahassee)
Shorts - Macy's (super old)
Make-up case worn as a clutch - H&M
Heels - Jessica Simpson Collection (old)

Have a safe and wonderful weekend!



Love that top, it is gorgeous!
Unknown said…
wow, those shoes look dangerous..how do you walk in em?

Coco said…
Black and gold, j'adore!
Anonymous said…
Love the look and hope you don't mind if I steal it. I have a vintage sequined top hanging in my closet and I have been trying to find what to wear with it. So, this is the answer. Can't wait til it warms up more. :-)
Jeeda said…
You aint never lied...that top is the good ish;) Love it!!
Ash said…
this outfit is so bomb! definitely would wear it on a night out!!!

dont get rid of those shoes, they are sexy!!!!!!! how tall are you?

love your blog!