Outfit: Denim Button Down and Pink Wrap Skirt

Greetings Fashionistas,

Happy Monday! I have to make this post quick but I wanted to share a couple of pics from my meeting yesterday with my business partners. It was raining like crazy so I had to take these photos inside. Nothing overly stylish about this getup but I did get a chance to pull out a brand new pair of heels.........

Loving my nerd glasses. I forgot that they were clear and I kept taking them off during the meeting so I could "see" better, LOL.

I hope you all can see my fabulous bead bracelets. I won them in a blog giveaway! Special shout out to blog buddy Carsedra of Embracing the Real Me. Please check her out and support this lovely woman!

Nerd Glasses - Rue 21
Earrings - Love Culture
Necklace/Shirt/Skirt (old) - Forever 21
Clutch - Vintage (mom's closet)
Bracelets - Gifted
Heels - Forever 21 ($7.99....SWEET!)



Simply Tasheena said…
Love the skirt!

Mrs. Delightful
Joy Shana said…
Love the skirt and shoes, gorgeous look
Cheriz Angel said…
This outfit is so sexy in such an understated way, love it!
miasmode said…
7.99 for these heels that´s a steal!!! They look incredible and the skirt is lovely too :)


Arr said…
You're definitely ready for spring. Love the heels and the burst of color with your skirt.

Many blessings on your business endeavors.
Coco said…
I love this professional outfit! You look great with those glasses!! Every day I'm more in love with your blog. Your charisma is remarkable. xoxoxo Coco
I really like that color combinatin, I love the skirt!
Unknown said…
Blouse and skirt are a great color combo!! Looks great on you!!

xoxo Kellz* said…
U look nice xoxox

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Ticka said…
Very cute! Love that skirt and those shoes!! And I love Carsedra's blog!!
Very cute! Love your glasses

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Unknown said…
Ok so I am so JEL that you got those shoes on sale they are amazing and I love them. I also love your bracelets too SO CUTE!! Your nerd glasses are bomb!! You always look so stunning!!

happy monday pretty girl!!
Great Look, Luv the skirt and shoes, the color is beyond fab!
Unknown said…
Love the shirts n necklace with that colour skirt x
Kholá said…
Love the pink skirt and shoes!

Loving the outfit!

Unknown said…
Love the bracelets!!!

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Diana Marks said…
lovely outfit. you look great in pink!

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Unknown said…
Very cute! Love the colors!