Outfit: Swamp Inspiration

Greetings Fashion Pad Readers,

Congratulations to the Baltimore Ravens for winning Super Bowl XLVII! It was a great game and I thoroughly enjoyed every aspect....except for the 35 + minute blackout. SMH! But the real talk of the game was the Pepsi halftime performance by Beyonce. She did a fabulous job and I think I was more excited to see Kelly and Michelle. I'm a huge fan of Ms. Kelly Rowland :-) Overall it was a great game....the only disappointments were the lame commercials! What happened to the fab commercials of times past? I used to not leave the room when the commercials came on during a Super Bowl game, but lately, I leave during the commercials on purpose...*le sigh*. To spend $4.2 million on a commercial slot and not have a memorable one is pretty pathetic. Come on marketing teams....get it together!

Anyhew, let me get off my mini soapbox and share what I wore to dinner the other night with my boo. I literally threw this look together in 4 minutes flat (that's all the time he gave me since I was running super late, LOL). I realized afterwards that I kinda resembled a chic version of the Swamp Thing, LMBO!

I told the bf this conglomerate of pieces was his fault, lol. But I digress, I still pranced around like I was the most stylish chick on the scene! :-)

I absolutely LOVE these boots. Best purchase ever!

Now that I think about it.....these swamp colors are my go to, lol.

Glasses - Gucci
Scarf - Zara
Jacket - Forever 21
Top - Zara
Knit leggings - Forever 21
Handbag - Furla
Boots - L.A.M.B.

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Unknown said…
Gurl what, I am really liking this look, I love it. I think some of the best outfits happen by accident!! :-D And those boots Hunty, LOVE THEM!!! Me and my big calf self has to be selective about the boots I get because I can't get alot of the super cute ones past my calves. Even when I was slimmer I still have thick calves and it sucked then too!!! :-(

Carsedra of:


Unknown said…
Those BOOTS!!! Yesssssss... and you look great in glasses, kinda of librarian sexy haha..
Lorraine said…
Cute look! loving your boots :)

With Love,
LA Lynn's said…
Gurrrrl what!!!!! Those boots are giving me LIFE!!!!! U cute hunni... And, as far as the Super Bowl what commercial???!!! lol

All I can remember is BEY-DAY!!!! lol

Ticka said…
Nothing about this outfit says swamp!! You look super cute and casual. Love the colors. And I refuse to compliment you on your shoes AGAIN!!! ;) Lawd, I need to raid your shoe closet! lol!
Shari said…
Those boots are awesome. We can swap!
Beckerman Girls said…
Destiny's Child ROCKED it that night!!! They were totally amazzzzzing! And Kelly R rocks the casbah! How amazzzing were their leather outfits! Just LOVE the boots you are wearing!
xoThe Beckerman Girls

Fashion Pad said…
Girl give me a couple more wears then we can negotiate, LOL
Fashion Pad said…
LOL....shoot I need to raid my closet too!
Fashion Pad said…
Haaaa! Love that description....I'm using it!
Fashion Pad said…
Girl I know what you mean, that's why I gravitate towards boots with laces because they have more room in the calf area!
Fashion Pad said…
Thank you! Their leather outfits were sooooo badass!!!
Loving the entire outfit! You look fabulous!
Thick Chick said…
Am I the only one who thought I had to leave a name/comment on your fb page? I know Eric is going to be like "Wth"?

Ann Marie Jones
Thick Chick said…
Am I the only one who thought I had to leave a name/comment on your fb page? I know Eric is going to be like "Wth"?

Ann Marie Jones