Outfit: Ridiculously Draped Mini

Greetings Fashion Friends,

I am sharing with you all what I wore on Valentine's Day out with my bf. We went to a comedy show. However, the first part of the show we were serenaded with love songs from various up and coming artists. They were awesome! The comedians were insanely funny. I decided to pull out an oldie but goodie.....well, it used to be. I was running late so I couldn't "change my mind 50 million times" (words of the bf, not me, LOL). I like the dress but I bought it about 6 - 7 years ago and I believe I was way smaller!!! Oh well.....another wardrobe malfunction waiting to happen.

I'm giving plenty thigh action in this dress, LOL!

I particularly love the draping on this dress.....and for some reason, I have quite a few forest green dresses in my closet....interesting

If I would have paired this dress with high heels, I think they would have made the dress look more like a top.......I chose to go without jewelry for this look, no special reason other than I didn't think I needed the extra bling.

Dress - Forever 21 (old)
Belt - Mango (old)
Clutch - Barney's New York
Boots - Charlotte Russe


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12 lovely fashionistas commented:

A Haute Mommy said...

You look hot! And I'm jealous of your legs!

Joy Shana said...

Love the fress, the boot makes it look suer chic, glad you had a great Val

Bobby Raffin said...

love your style! great new post

Style4Curves said...


Lucy-Pussy said...

this is your best post :) I really like it:)

Jeeda said...

Caliente!!!;) I love the draping of this dress and the addition of the belt. Fab, sexy look!

jemappelleshen said...

love the color! && your right the draping is awesome, i love when an outfit has a nice little surprise like that


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Tereza {Drastic Plastic} said...

Look at you, you sexy, sexy, sexy lady!

Ali of Dressing Ken said...

Well I am SURE your bf was impressed. You look hot! Nice outfit.

Ali of


Sarah C. said...

The olive color is perfect for you!


Mira said...

Wow!!! You look hot. I love forest green clothes <3



High Heels & Good Meals! said...

Girl you better work them legs! Love the dress!