Hot or Not????

Greeting Fashion Divas,

Okay, I know that every premier designer doesn't produce fabulous garments and/or accessories every time they design. However, I do expect the item to be of superior quality....even if I don't like it. I was online last night and ran across this open toe ankle boot from Christian Louboutin and I swear my heart just crumbled. It's a hot patterned mess in my opinion.

Christian Louboutin Triboclou 100 Zebra-Print Calf hair and Python Ankle Boots $1,995.00

These have got to be one of the ugliest pairs of boots I have ever laid eyes upon! The boots are detailed with hot-pink patent-leather and python materials. And to top it all off, there are at least 5 different colors/prints incorporated in this one boot! Oh wait, I take that back....if you add in the CL signature red sole, that makes it 6!!! The only thing positive about this boot in my opinion is that the cut of the ankle boots and the thin heel are to die for! But that price.....*scratches head*

I can only imagine wearing these if I was a chic clown that's really into fashion. SMH

What do you all think of these CL ankle boots??? Am I missing out on a fabulously designed boot, or are these really as atrocious as I think they are? Do share!



Unknown said…
I like the zebra print but not sure about the pink and orange :) Plus things look different when you combine them with actual clothes.
Unknown said…
I think they are hot and I know you and me can rock them with the perfect outfit. I saw this Louboutin's before and felt in love with them. The weirdness is what make them special, but you must have the attitude to pull them off, and I know you have it! ;)
Fash Boulevard said…
Stunning! Fabulous post, love. If you get a sec, I'd love to hear your thoughts on my latest outfit. xo
droyster1219 said…
OK, I'm a NYer and I tend to think outside the box. Are you kidding me? I would so rock these with black skinny jeans and a lightweight black sweater or black blazer and white v-neck tee.
LA Lynn's said…
I think I'll pass... lol

hmmm...its a hard one. I like then I don't like but it all depends how you rock them.