Hot or Not! Solange's All White Number

Greetings Fashion Divas,

As I was browsing through pics of celebs, street style blogs, etc. for some inspiration, I came across this all white garment on Solange and I immediately fell in love!!!! Somebody get me to gym ASAP!

Solange was attending the premiere of her sister Beyonce's 'Life is But a Dream' documentary. I love showing my legs so I'm all for this look, lol. The all white shirt/dress has soft flowy panels and angled cuts at the sleeve. The ankle strap heels seriously elevate this look to a sexy little number! The white is vibrant enough so she downplayed her accessories and went with basic black for more 'winter appropriate' styling.

I couldn't find out who made this shirt....that she's undoubtedly wearing as a mini dress but I'm loving it. Her gams look fab and her slim figure works beautifully with this 'no pants' look. I'm going with hot (My opinion is so biased because I LOVE Solange)! But what do you all think???

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She is hot in anything and everything!
Cheriz Angel said…
I am not down with that look. It looks like she threw on a mens shirt and forgot her drawers!
Unknown said…
It's fabulous. I hate her for being able to wear that out. I don't know where I could wear it to since I rarely go anywhere "out"! But I would certainly rock it if I could.
Love Solange! Love the white shirt! I still thinks she needs pants or a micro mini! What happens when she sits down?