Style Challenge - Camouflage Skinnies

Greetings Fashion Mavens,

Yesterday I actually went home after the gym and....get this, relaxed! I cooked too but that's a relaxing activity so I'm starting off the week just as I said. Yay me! I bought a modern leather couch about a week and a half ago and it is the most comfortable piece of furniture ever!!! I mention it because it was definitely a huge part of my chill mode last night. I guess my next goal is to try hard not to be a couch potato, LOL. Anyhew, on to today's post!

We are way overdue for a style challenge and I'm too excited to introduce our feature item.....the camouflage skinny jean.

Madewell jeans

Madewell jeans (see more madewells)

I am still searching for a pair that will fit my uber curvy shape without me resembling an overstuffed stove pipe. The thrift stores around here are seriously lacking so I guess I will create sets that feature camo pants until I can style my very own pair...........*can't wait*

Style Challenge - Camouflage Skinnies

Camo pants can be super versatile but I think pairing these "rugged" pants with a more glam look is stylish and chic! Embrace the army-inspired color palette or incorporate a bold contrasting color such as berry, red, yellow, or orange!

Style Challenge - Camouflage Skinnies III

I know it may seem hard to believe, because I hardly ever wear sneakers, but I am a tomboy at heart. I love to toughen up a feminine look or rock menswear inspired items. The above set is my personal favorite of the three!

Style Challenge - Camouflage Skinnies II

In 2013, one of my style goals is to step out of my box with pattern mixing and color combos....but I think I'm also going to add eye-catching accessories as well for a more personalized look. Take the set above, those metallic oxfords, nerd glasses, and bowler hat really add character to this look. My niece would love this!

I hope you all enjoyed these sets! If not, feel free to comment on other ways to style these fabulous camo jeans.



I need a pair of pants like these.
Unknown said…
All 3 are really cute but I love outfit 2, I really like that sweater and those combat boots.

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