Reader Request - Stepper's Event

Greetings Fashion Divas,

I have a reader request to share with you all from my bff.

I will be attending a stepper's event next month that includes several dances. I would like a chic, affordable black dress and a red dress to go with the theme. I also need some comfortable, eye catching shoes to dance in as well.

Apparently I dragged my behind on this request because I received a scathing email reminder just yesterday, LOL! My bad. See the selections I found below.


Blog Reader Request - Black Dresses

The above dresses will provide movement, without being too restrictive. Even the peplum styles are constructed with fabric that molds, yet stretches.


- Finding a decent red dress that isn't scandalous was seriously challenging!!! I halfway succeeded...

Solid Peplum Dress 

Strapless Lace Dress 
$39.99 (on sale)

Kristie 3/4 Sleeve Box Pleat Skater Dress 

Planet Gold Juniors Dress, Cap Sleeve Belt Sheath 

Clothes with benefits dress 


Blog Reader Request - Party Heels

I hope the above offer you a good selection but just for fun, see the below additional heels that offer a bit of 'wow' factor.

Studded peep-toe platforms 
$38.95 (on sale)

Bebe studded ankle cuff satin heel 

Zebra platform heels 

Dollhouse nortorious studded platform pumps 

Happy shopping friend!!!!



Jadore-Fashion said…
Love the black skaker dress and the dress and Miranda...great choices :)

Thick Chick said…
So excited!!! You will see me posted up wearing a few of these selections! You know me soooo well! Love you!! Oh and my scathing remarks are for comedy's sake-lol
Thick Chick said…
Omggg!!! You will see me in these looks! You know me sooooooo well!!
These looks are hot missy, too hot for me :).
Unknown said…
I am so obsessed with this trend is not even cute. Love all of your selection in peplum dresses and great shoes too. Loving the new look as well. Great picture and you look fabulous...xoxoxo
Girl, I love all of these heels!
Unknown said…
Loving all your picks doll you have an amazing taste.

<3 Marina
Unknown said…
love the black dresses !! :) xx