Reader Request - Eva Marcille Boots

Greetings Fashionistas,

Happy Friday good people! I'm headed out of town this weekend and I am eagerly anticipating my trip. It's Inauguration weekend and me and my girls will be in the Chocolate City (Washington D.C. for my non-U.S. readers) to partake in the festivities. I'm pretty sure there won't be a ton of people like it was in 2008, but I don't care, I plan to have a good time hanging out with my friends. I still need to pack, which surprises me because I've usually completed that task no less than a week in advance, LOL. I won't be back until next Tuesday but I'll still post so make sure you come back and visit ;-)

I have another reader request to share with you from Kageyoshi:

Who designed these boots????

I've been in love with those since I spotted them a year ago. These knee-high, limited edition runway lace up boots are from the Tom Ford 2011 Spring Collection. However, I seriously hate to tell you this but they will set back your bank account about $5200!!!! Yikes!

Here's another angle......owww! These boots right here.....

Of course you know the fashion queen Anna Della Russo (ADR) rocked a pair of these babies as well!

I've searched the web for more affordable options but there is nothing out there that looks remotely like grass!!!! I guess we will just continue to dream about these beauties for now.....

Have a safe and wonderful weekend!!!!



Cheriz Angel said…
Although these are not exactly the same, they have a similar sort of look as far as the fishnet goes.
Ruva said…
those boots ... wow!!

although i cant say the same for ADR's dress.

have fun!

ps: check out interview with this upcoming jewellery/accessories design team!
Andreea said…
Amazing...those boots are gorgeous!!!

Unknown said…
Girl I can't believe you found them and these boots are absolutely fierce.!!!

<3 Marina
Unknown said…
Shanequa, out of all people, I can't believe you haven't been able to find them. You are one of special sources when it comes to shoes. LOL. I love these boots and they are amazing. I have seen some styles but can you say GHETTO! LMAO. I am sure you will continue the search, if you are like me, this is one challenge you will not give up that easily ;) xoxox. Keep us post it. LOL
Have a great time! Be safe, Have fun and stay warm. Oh yea..Tell President Obama and Michelle I love them! lol Thanks...
Tanya said…
She is so gorgeous!