Outfit: Multi-Colored Scarf and Peter Pan Boots

Greetings Fashion Divas,

This is one of the weirdest winters on record for me. One day we're seeing temperatures in the 40s, the next day it's 75 degrees. That can't be healthy. Before I left on my trip I went out to play pool with the bf and I had to make sure I was bundled up because it was actually cold. But I was a little lazy so this outfit is less than creative. However, I haven't edited my other photos yet so you're going to have to gaze at these sub-par pics. I feel so much better today but I overslept so I gotta get moving.

The hat and the scarf compete instead of complement each other but hey, it was a bad hair day so.....

These boots remind me of Peter Pan......I need another pair pronto! 

Hat - Random boutique
Earrings/Jacket/Jeans - Forever 21
Scarf - Charlotte Russe
Top - Target
Ring - Random boutique in Honolulu
Clutch - Barney's
Boots - Zara



Unknown said…
Really cute look, I think the scarf and hat go together, but that's just me!!! LOL!!

Carsedra of:


You look amazing, I love this look on you so much!
Unknown said…
Gorgeous love...AND love your new header so fabulous.

<3 Marina
Unknown said…
Just fabulous and love those boots!
LA Lynn's said…
Gurrrrl, I tell folks all the time ATL has some bu-polar weather! LOL!

I'm digging this look as it is edgy with a girly touch!

Lorraine said…
Cute street style look girlie!! loving your boots :)

With Love,
Unknown said…
Brrrr is the word of the week ;-) I shipped some cold weather to you southern beauties from CT xoxo love the casual look & I have boots just like those, I've worn them to death LOL!!
cecylia.com said…
Beautiful black boots! Hope you have a great weekend
miasmode said…
I wish we had at least one warm day over here but it´s only bitter cold.
The boots are really rad. Zara should stop to produce these amazing stuff. They make me broke :)