Outfit: Color Splash

Greetings Fashionistas,

It's Friday!!!! I had a short work week but I still will break out the two-step for this day of the week! LOL! I have a semi-busy weekend ahead of me but what's new right? My little nephew's bday is Sunday and he's having a 'video game' party with all of his friends. I promised that I would help out with the party but I'm starting to have second thoughts about helping supervise a truck load of 10 and 11 year old boys. Yikes! I may be comatose on Sunday, so don't be alarmed if I don't respond to any comments this weekend. We'll see.

It was actually quite chilly 3 days in a row (oh my, sound the alarm)! However, today temps are back up to 75 degrees so....we'll hold off on ringing the alarm for now. Crazy weather!!! Below I've posted pics of what I wore the other day. I was feeling down but I decided to throw on a brightly colored scarf to give my gray and black ensemble a much needed lift.

A couple of years ago Nordstrom had a crazy sale on their cashmere scarves and I bought a ton of brightly colored hues.

A dress with pockets.....my favorite style of garment, EVER!

I call these my 'Wicked Witch' boots but they are so comfortable and definitely work appropriate (my boss gave me a compliment)!

Earrings - Bloomingdale's
Scarf - Nordstrom
Coat/Dress - Forever 21
Top - Macy's
Rings - So Good Jewelry
Tights - Target
Boots - gift from friend

Have a safe and wonderful weekend!



Unknown said…
I love that dress! And thank you for your comment on my blog. I see it in my email but I guess Disquis is taking longer to upload it? I'onknow. But thank you!

And honey please, my weight loss can be attributed to my prescription pill. lol. Alone, I couldn't do it.
Simply Tasheena said…
Love the outfit!

Mrs. Delightful
I love that pop of your color.
robincharmagne said…
I love pockets on dresses too! If I ever remarry I want a wedding dress pockets! Cute boots too that aren't so sky high. Nice post!
Lima said…
You look SO gorgeous and full of life babe!

The baby blue scarf makes the outfit POP! xo