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Greetings Fashion Friends,

I'm back home from my trip and I must say I had a fabulous time!!! Me and the girls did the things we love, laugh, and shop. What more could I ask for??? LOL! It was a really good, relaxing trip, but then I came down with the sniffles. I seriously think I'm allergic to something these hotels wash their linen/towels in. After about 2 days I started sneezing excessively, coughing, and jogging after a runny irritating. This cold did not ruin my trip but after I came back it hit me hard. I'm typing this post from bed, which is where I will be staying for the next 24 hours! Pics from my trip will be coming soon. Surprisingly, I didn't take a ton like I usually do but I still was able to capture the essence of our journey.

Below I had to post on this gorgeous spring version of Valentino's famous Rockstud heel. I've been in love with them since they arrived on the scene a couple of seasons ago but the price tag is pretty steep. Sole Society has a really affordable alternative if you're interested.

The heel has a clear PVC upper with clear, signature Valentino Rockstud pyramid studs. Resembles  a ghost to me.

The 3-inch heel is considerably lower than what I'm used to wearing but it still manages to make a statement! Lucite is in folks....

The pointy toe will give the illusion of an elongated leg without making you look like the Wicked Witch of the West.

Valentino Naked Rockstud Slingback $1,095.00

So what do all think about this heel?


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5 lovely fashionistas commented:

Miss Dre said...

Oh gosh! That's a heavy price tag! You know that's the first thing I saw right? lol. I can't wait to see what these look like on someone's foot!

I hope you feel better soon, doll! I look forward to seeing your vacay pics :)

Bridge Parker said...

I love the upper portion..............but that heel looks like something one of the Mothers wear on communion Sunday.
Feel better babes!

Tammy said...

Oh so these are fierce... i just wish that the heel was bigger... but none the less, i love them


Marina H said...

They're FAB.

<3 Marina

Berty Morales said...

Shanequa, you put these babies on my feet and you better start calling me the Latina Cinderella honey! LMBO. These babies are Fierce and I must find something similar soon!