2013 Inauguration Day Recap

Greetings Fashion Friends,

I'm so humbled to see that I've reached 400 followers! Giveaway is coming on Friday to celebrate another milestone in this blogging journey I've undertaken. You guys rock!

Now, my trip to Washington D.C. this past week was absolutely awesome. Why, well, I'll recap briefly for you through my pictures below ;-)

*WARNING: Picture heavy post*

First and foremost I was able to see my sister friends. How gorgeous are these fab divas??? Love them to pieces! We were able to bond and just relax. Oh yeah, and you know we had to eat.....the highlight of every trip with my girls, LOL. Fun times!

Sidenote: Not sure why my friend Brandye (on the right) is bending down like she's tall....that chick is shorter than me. You get a serious 'side eye' boo for making it look like I'm the only vertically challenged chick in the group. LOL!

I know you guys see the fierceness of my stare! LMBO! Getting ready for the festivities....

Approaching the security line for the parade site

Ummm......what the heck! This is the slow security line that kept me from seeing Michelle and my President at the beginning of the parade. Arrgggghhh!!! Still salty.....

Take that FOX News!!!!

We had to pause for another photo....bundled up and excited!

Our armed forces were definitely on deck! I wanted to take a picture in the truck soooo bad, lol.

President Obama and Vice President Biden and their families were inside the structure above. We were so close to Michelle and her Thom Browne jacket.......but no cigar :-(

I was so warm in this look. I have about 6 layers on, LOL! Hey, don't judge me, I live in a sunny locale!

Hat - Stolen Borrowed from nephew
Sunglasses/Earrings - Forever 21
Scarf - Zara (provided absolutely NO wind protection)
Coat - Burlington Coat Factory
Sweater - Zara
Jeans - Forever 21
Handbag - Elliot Lucca (wish I had brought a crossbody bag with me)
Gloves - Walmart
Boots - Zara

Keysha giving me some 'side eye' action, LOL. Heeeyyyy boo! She will probably beat me for including this photo but it's so cute!!!

Again.....this scarf is just for a stylish touch. I should have worn three of them! SMH

Congratulations to President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden!!!!!!



Unknown said…
I would've loved to have gone to be apart of this, I am sure it was amazing!!
It looks like you all had a great time!!

And YAAAAAAAAAAY for the 400 Followers that is so cool, Congratulations Lady!!!

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Unknown said…
Wow, so many people...but it looks like you guys had a lot of fun!! And you wore a really nice outfit! I like!

Btw, easy giveaway is up on my blog! Win a Turquoise Sirena Bracelet!

iesha said…
i miss living in the DMV! so glad you could go. i know it was great!

Anonymous said…
I love the gangster pose. Cute photos :-)
Mimi said…
Look at my Brandye and Keysha. Wish I could've joined y'all :-( Next time y'all don't have fun without me
Chioma said…
aww i'm glad yall got to witness such an amazing moment!

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LA Lynn's said…
Now just how effin' cool and cute are you guys... LOVE IT!!!!!

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