Outfit: Quick Shopping Trip

Greetings Fashion Mavens,

I thought I was going to do a lot of shopping this weekend but after the tragedy in Newton, CT and the overwhelming crowds at the mall on Saturday, I spent a total of 70 minutes out and about. I pray for the families and friends of the victims in that community. I cannot linger on this topic because it is sobering and extremely heartbreaking. I just wanted to make sure I voiced my sincere condolences.

Below I took a couple of pics prior to my super short shopping trip. Nothing sensational, just enjoying the weather here. Okay, I'm not exactly enjoying it.....wishing I didn't have so many boots staring at me right now for some attention, lol.

Had to push up the sleeves of this super thin blazer because it was quite warm. SMH

These wedges are semi-comfortable. They work for about 1 hour....tops.

Blazer - Macy's
Necklace/Top/Shorts - Forever 21
Clutch - Urban Outfitters
Ring - Street vendor
Wedges - Sam Edelman



Simply Tasheena said…
Cute attire, love the blazer.

Mrs. Delightful
U Better Work! said…
It is so sad what happened in CT. I really like that blazer.
Girl those shoes look so tasty lol I love them. did you buy them offline or at the store?
ari said…
LOVE THIS! Your legs look great in those shorts!
Ruva said…
love those shoes!

ps: new post! http://www.chicillusion.com/
Unknown said…
Super cute and I am loving the jacket and wedges!
Cashmeremafia said…

hi pretty!!! great blazer ;)
can you help us with your vote?


loving the outfit!!!

Ciaa said…
looking hot hot !
Fashion Pad said…
This blazer is so light and comfortable!
Fashion Pad said…
Girl I had to turn off the tv....it was overwhelming...
Fashion Pad said…
Surprisingly, I bought them at the store! I was at Nordstrom amd went ahead amd.scooped them up.
Fashion Pad said…
Oh gee thanks pumpkin!
LA Lynn's said…
Unknown said…
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